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Advocacy Toolkits

State-by-State Advocacy Resources


When taking part in National Peace Corps Association’s (NPCA) National Days of Advocacy, district office meetings or related advocacy initiatives, we strive to provide you with state-specific background materials. This page includes:

  • Congressional Delegations: For each state, we provide you with a two-page summary of Senators and Congressmen/women, including contact information, committee  assignments, key actions related to the Peace Corps, and more. Use this information judiciously, as a lack of indicated support does not always mean the lawmaker is not supportive of the Peace Corps. One such example is some lawmakers may not sign a “Dear Colleague” letter because the letter is addressed to the committee on which they sit.
  • Your State and the Peace Corps Summaries: We have information related to individual states including Peace Corps volunteer numbers and statistics, educational partnerships with Peace Corps, NPCA affiliate group activities and achievements of some notable Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Please contact us if you have updated information that we may want to incorporate into these documents in the future. You can share these summaries with congressional offices.
  • Peace Corps Reflections: Utilizing powerful Peace Corps community comments found in NPCA’s last member directory (published in 2016), we have compiled state-by-state testimonies on the impact and importance of the Peace Corps. You can share these reflections with congressional offices.
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