Community Fund

What is the Community Fund?

The Community Fund is a powerful fundraising vehicle that mobilizes public and private financial support for NPCA’s vital programs and initiatives. It encompasses diverse campaigns that advance NPCA’s three core goals: helping the Peace Corps to be the best it can be, empowering members and affiliate groups to thrive, and amplifying our community’s development impact.

NPCA did away with membership dues so that you can focus your support on the initiatives and causes that mean the most to you. You have the choice of making a tax-deductible donation “Where It’s Needed Most” (and you can be sure it is needed!) or contributing specifically to one of our community’s current campaigns.  

A Bigger, Better Peace Corps

Your direct donation to NPCA's advocacy program makes it possible for our community’s advocates on Capitol Hill and around the country to lobby for expanded funding and improved policies for the Peace Corps. It also helps NPCA make partnerships that secure new private sector resources, with the ultimate goal of raising Peace Corps’ impact on the world. To ensure the future of the Peace Corps, please donate directly to:

Thriving Members and Groups

Your contribution to the Community Fund allows NPCA to offer the services, opportunities, and resources our community members need and value, particularly in education, employmenthealth, and  travel. For affiliate groups, your support means that NPCA can build our groups’ capacity to create community and change in line with our Peace Corps ideals. To enable members and affiliate groups to fulfill their potential, please give to:

  • NPCA – “Where It’s Needed Most”
  • NPCA – Legacy Fund (Endowment) (NPCA’s Legacy Fund is an unrestricted endowment that enables the NPCA to sustain core initiatives over the long term in response to the needs of our global community. NPCA invests and manages the Legacy Fund to provide long-term growth and flexibility.)
  • NPCA – Benevolence Fund (The Benevolence Fund assists members of the Peace Corps community who are overcoming acute hardship, including health issues related to their Peace Corps service, and connects them to resources to help navigate a road to recovery.)

Amplified Development Impact

Finally, your support of the Community Fund will help to double our community’s development impact at home and abroad. If we have any hope of achieving the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the Peace Corps community must lead the effort. To amplify our development impact, you can choose to give to:


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