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Community Fund

What is the Community Fund?

The Peace Corps community has no shortage of ideas and initiatives that aim to contribute to the greater good. Since NPCA no longer collects membership dues, the Community Fund provides us with financial support for NPCA’s vital programs and initiatives. By contributing to the Community Fund, you enhance our capacity to advance Peace Corps ideals like never before. 

By expanding our base of financial support, we can convert the Community Fund into a full-fledged grant-making vehicle. The Community Fund acts as a vital catalyst to turn our community’s ideas into reality by:

  • Providing critical grants to Peace Corps Volunteers for projects undertaken during service

  • Funding domestic and overseas initiatives led by individual RPCVs or affiliate groups

  • Raising money for Peace Corps programs not funded by Congressional appropriations

  • Supporting the work of National Peace Corps Association, which enables all the above.


Why Give?

The Peace Corps experience has transformed countless lives. Everyday for the past 58 years, hundreds of volunteers in dozens of countries around the world strive to make communities better, safer, and healthier. When you give to NPCA, you are supporting our ability to educate, update, and engage our community around Peace Corps issues, serving as a central hub for currently serving and returned Peace Corps Volunteers, current and former Peace Corps staff, host country nationals, family and friends, and anyone who shares the Peace Corps ideals.


I became a NPCA member within 6 months of completing my Peace Corps Service in Bolivia. I could really see the value of having RPCVs represented on the national level by NPCA. Local and Country of Service groups can accomplish a lot, but together we can do so much more! NPCA is that go-to organization for the whole Peace Corps community. I felt it was very important that I contribute my time and financial support and bring the local perspective to NPCA and vice versa.

Kristina Owens


By giving where it’s needed most, you can make a tax-deductible donation that will allow us to have the greatest impact.

If you would like to designate where your contribution is spent, you can choose from one of three strategic priorities: building a bigger, better Peace Corps; enabling members and affiliate groups to thrive; and amplifying our community’s global impact.


NPCA is committed to building the best Peace Corps in history: 10,000 Volunteers and the policies and programs to support them. The ability to field and support a larger numbers of Volunteers will dramatically improve our capacity to achieve Peace Corps’ goals. To achieve this ambitious expansion of the Peace Corps, in 2016 NPCA began an advocacy campaign. We are leveraging our available resources to dramatically increase our outreach, but we need to increase our financial support to achieve our desired impact. With your help, we can make Peace Corps funding and reforms a priority.

Your direct donation to NPCA's advocacy program makes it possible for our community’s advocates on Capitol Hill and around the country to lobby for expanded funding and improved policies for the Peace Corps. It also helps NPCA make partnerships that secure new private sector resources, with the ultimate goal of raising Peace Corps’ impact on the world. 


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Over the next five years, NPCA will strengthen existing affiliate groups to increase member enrollment, engagement, and fundraising, and to grow the network from 180 affiliate groups to more than 200. Beyond building our affiliate group network infrastructure, NPCA will facilitate leadership of community-based and nation-wide campaigns on issues that members care about most in order to build our community’s capacity for collective action.

Your contribution allows NPCA to offer the services, opportunities, and resources our community members need and value.

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Global Impact

As former Peace Corps Volunteers and staff, our community possesses unique abilities and attributes—as well as passion—to create global impact. NPCA is already seeing inspiring results from our partnership with Water Charity, an RPCV-led nonprofit. Since 2015, we have raised over $600,000 for (R)PCV field projects and are scaling up. Our new goals? Bringing water to every person in Liberia (4.7 million) by 2021 and in Togo and The Gambia (nearly 10 million) by 2024.

Other global initiatives are taking off. A partnership with RPCV-founded TCP Global, for example, has enabled NPCA to expand a successful micro-credit program in Colombia to six other countries. And through NPCA, former Peace Corps Volunteers and staff now have access to short-term volunteer opportunities with Farmer-to-Farmer.
NPCA aims to generate upwards of $5 million annually by 2024 for (R)PCV-led global initiatives with the highest potential for impact. And with a community of over 230,000 members committed to championing Peace Corps ideals, we have high hopes we can achieve it.

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