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Gabriel Sandler - Clean Water for Schools and Communities in Southern Madagascar

Fully Funded

This Project is fully funded! Please check back for project updates and for a full report once the project is complete.

Donations designated for Clean Water for Schools and Communities in Southern Madagascar will be used to build rain harvesters at two schools in Fort Dauphin, southeast Madagascar. These rain harvesters are simple yet durable  and do more than provide clean water for students and their families. They are job creators, educational opportunities, and models for the community. 

This project will be implemented in collaboration with a local social enterprise called Tatirano , that works to install rain catchment systems for rural and urban schools, hospitals and communities in Madagascar.  By taking advantage of an enormous roof on a school complex, a rain catchment systems can harvest rain water that services not only all of the school’s needs but can begin to address the needs of the nearby community as well.  This project will directly benefit 756 students everyday they are at school and up to 360 people in the community at the kiosks.

In order to ensure long-term functionality of the new water source, Tatirano employs a female Tatirano Agent to maintain and monitor the system, whilst selling the surplus water at a community kiosk connected to the system on the boundary of the school. All of the data such as water level and the water usage is tracked publicly online at Statirano, a statistics platform that ensures transparency and long-term accountability.

Tatirano also works with communities to bring in educators to talk about WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) to maximize the benefits of this new resource.  This project elevates local organizations and empowers students to learn about health and professional development.

Gabriel was awarded a project grant through Peace Corps during his service, but upon being evacuated in March 2020, he and his host community had to forfeit the grant and cancel the project. Gabriel currently lives in Washington D.C.

Hear about Gabriel's project in his own words during NPCA Affiliate group, RPCVs of Madagascar's Madagascar Connections webinar series, where they featured Gabriel and this project.


NPCA invests 85 percent of the total donations directly to support this project and 15 percent where needed most to support service administration and our overall mission.


Funded: $5,845.00
Goal: $5,750.00