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Chelsea Bajek - Women's Handicraft Center in Vanuatu

Fully Funded

This Project is now Fully Funded!


The "W-GDP: Paama Women's Handicraft Center" project supports the economic development and empowerment of women and girls through skill-building workshops. 

The grant funds will be used by the Paama Council of Women to purchase sewing machines and related materials to facilitate a series of by-monthly skill-building workshops, to teach women and girls on the island how to make various handicrafts, such as clothing and baskets, which can be sold to help pay school fees and support families. This project will increase opportunities for women and girls, helping them to become more financially independent and empowered. 

Evacuated RPCV Chelsea Bajek was awarded a PCPP grant during her service, but upon being evacuated had to return the grant for her project.  Chelsea is from Virginia, but was residing in New York prior to her Peace Corps service.  She is currently residing in Virginia.


NPCA invests 85 percent of the total donations directly to support this project and 15 percent where needed most to support service administration and our overall mission.

Funded: $2,670.00
Goal: $3,559.00