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Lydia Babcock - Girls Hostel Renovation in Malawi

Fully Funded

This Project is fully Funded! Thank you for your donations! Please check back for project updates and for a full report once the project is complete.


Donations designated for Girls Hostel Renovation in Malawi will be used to provide a security gate, window bars, bed nets, and mattresses to 60 girls living in the Girls Hostel in Enukweni, a small community located in the Northern region of Malawi. A donation of $8.16 will provide one girl with one bed net to prevent malaria and a donation of $59.86 will provide one girl with a bed net and a mattress. 

In Malawi, girls are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence which then creates overwhelming disparities in regards to both educational attainment and health outcomes on the basis of sex. Insecure housing exacerbates this issue and has been linked with early pregnancy and school dropouts. This campaign therefore aims to address gender-based violence by providing resources to young girls that will increase their safety and security along with their health, allowing them to focus on their education.

Your donation will directly support the 60 girls residing at Enukweni hostel by (1) increasing the safety and security of the hostel, (2) increasing the number of girls who will graduate Secondary school, also known as high school, (3) decreasing malaria rates by supplying nets, and (4) decreasing the risk of HIV. Increasing the security of the hostel by providing a security gate and window bars will protect girls from gender-based violence, early pregnancy, and HIV, all of which are common when living in insecure housing. Your donation will directly help access to safe housing now, but will also decrease the chances of the girls contracting HIV in the future, as research has linked higher educational attainment with lower HIV contraction.

Lydia and her host community in Malawi were awarded a PCPP grant during her service, but upon Lydia being evacuated the grant was dissolved. Lydia currently lives in Tennessee. 

NPCA invests 85 percent of the total donations directly to support this project and 15 percent where needed most to support service administration and our overall mission.

Funded: $4,791.00
Goal: $4,791.00