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40 Under 40

To celebrate National Peace Corps Association’s 40th anniversary, we recognize the extraordinary achievements of 40 individuals we believe exemplify a new generation of leadership within the Peace Corps community and beyond, and we are proud to share their stories.

Diverse as the countries they served as Volunteers, you will find politicians, entrepreneurs, film makers, professors, diplomats, and more among our honorees. They have learned many different languages. Some speak legal-ese in courtrooms, while others communicate with new forms of artificial intelligence through computer coding. For a community sometimes stereotyped as liberal, a notable few speak fluent Republican. Yet for all of their differences in profession, perspective, and political persuasion, they each speak the language of service toward a greater good. They are connected by a shared experience in practical idealism sometimes difficult to explain, and many have chosen to share how their service in the Peace Corps inspired their career ambitions.

In an era increasingly defined by growing divides and existential global challenges, join us in celebrating the rising stars working in good faith towards the greater good.

Chase Adam

Co-Founder & Board Member, Watsi [Peace Corps Costa Rica]

Baktash Ahadi

Founder & Managing Director, Taleem [Peace Corps Mozambique]

Seke Ballard

Founder & CEO, Good Tree Capital [Peace Corps Georgia]

Nathan Birhanu

Associate, Clearsight Advisors [Peace Corps Ethiopia and Lesotho]

Sam Bhattacharyya

Co-Founder & CEO, Vectorly [Peace Corps Mexico]

Eben Carey

Senior Program Manager, Tesla [Peace Corps Peru]

Matt Crowe

Partner, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP [Peace Corps El Salvador]

David Cohn

Founder & CEO, Regroup [Peace Corps Guatamala]

Markey Culver

Founder & CEO, Women’s Group [Peace Corps Rwanda]

Lisa Curtis

Founder & CEO, Kuli Kuli [Peace Corps Niger]

Edward Crawford

Co-Founder & President, Coltala Holdings U.S. Navy Veteran, Bronze Star recipient [Peace Corps Dominican Republic]

Claudette David

Executive Director, DC Democratic Party [Peace Corps Gabon]

Ann Duncan

Minister, United Methodist [Peace Corps Togo]

Dr. Kevin Fiori Jr

Cofounder & Chief Science Officer, Integrate Health [Peace Corps Togo]

Brian Forde

CEO & Cofounder, Numero Former Congressional Candidate [Peace Corps Nicaragua]

Shireen Ghorbani

Associate Director, Communications & Organizational Management, University of Utah Former Congressional Candidate [Peace Corps Moldova]

Sam Goldman

President & Cofounder, d.light design [Peace Corps Benin]

Tiffany Harris

Student Community Manager, Amazon Web Services Educate [Peace Corps Morocco]

Dr. Steven Hess

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Transylvania University [Peace Corps China]

Lila Holzman

Energy Program Manager, As You Sow [Peace Corps Panama]

Dr. Lucas Joppa

Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft [Peace Corps Malawi]

Joe Kennedy III

U.S Congressman U.S. Senate Candidate [Peace Corps Dominican Republic]

RJ Laukitis

Chief of Staff for Congressman Tim Walberg, U.S. House of Representatives [Peace Corps Dominica]

Hannah Maharrey

Director, Mississippi Balance of State Continuum of Care [Peace Corps Mongolia]

Maricarmen Smith-Martinez

Program Manager, Bixal [Peace Corps Costa Rica]

Meghan McCormick

Cofounder & CEO, OZÉ [Peace Corps Guinea]

Bryn Mooser

Founder & CEO, XTR Award-Winning Filmmaker [Peace Corps The Gambia]

Robert Nelson

Congressional Staffer, U.S. Senate [Peace Corps Nicaragua]

Dr. Taya Louise Owens

Foreign Service Officer, Department of State [Peace Corps Uzbekistan and Ukraine]

Jacob Parsley

International Program Specialist, NASA [Peace Corps Kazakhstan]

Larcus Nicole Pickett

Senior Associate, Tetra Tech [Peace Corps Guinea]

Jalina Porter

Congressional Staffer, U.S. House of Representatives [Peace Corps Cambodia]

Tasha Prados

CEO & Founder, Duraca Strategic [Peace Corps Peru]

Dr. Kristen Roupenian

Author [Peace Corps Kenya]

Chris Robinson

Strategist, General Services Administration [Peace Corps Jamaica]

Jennifer Schechter

Cofounder & Executive Director, Integrate Health [Peace Corps Togo]

Dr. Tai Esteban Sunnanon

Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force Founder & CEO, Strategic Insights Group [Peace Corps Palau]

Robert Viglietta

Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State [Peace Corps Rwanda]

Aaron Weaver

Senior CPD Representative, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development [Peace Corps Macedonia]

Rahama Wright

Founder & CEO, Shea Yeleen Health and Beauty [Peace Corps Mali]

40 under 40 was produced by William Burriss, a former NPCA staff member who served in Morocco from 2016 to 2018 and now works in Congressional relations at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.