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Letter from RPCVs Urge Support for Legislation Honoring Peace Corps Service

We share a letter from members of the Peace Corps community urging support for the Respect for Peace Corps Volunteers ActTake action after you read it!

Dear Members and Friends of the Peace Corps Community,

We write to you as Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and/or former staff who served in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

As many from our generation of service are growing older, we imagine many share our view that we would like to be able to have our Peace Corps service recognized by allowing the placement of the official Peace Corps seal or emblem at gravesites and in death notices.

Unfortunately, the use of the seal or emblem for this purpose is not specified as an allowed use under the Peace Corps Act. Because of this, it is illegal to use the Peace Corps symbol for this purpose.

Thankfully, a bill in the House of Representatives – H.R. 1411 – has been introduced in Congress to make a simple fix – change the Peace Corps Act so the seal or emblem can be used at gravesites and in death notices.*

The bill has not yet passed – not necessarily because of opposition, but more likely because of limited attention given to it.

We are working with National Peace Corps Association to pass this bill. But we need your help.

Please follow this link so you can sign a petition to Congress, offer a comment and help us pass this simple, sensible legislation to honor Peace Corps service.

Thank you for your Peace Corps service and your consideration of this request.


Robert C. Terry, Staff, East Pakistan/Bangladesh (1961-63)
Judith H. Whitney-Terry, Honduras (1987-88)
Orleans, MA


Jack Wilson, Liberia (1962-64); Staff, Sierra Leone (1966-68); Director, Fiji (1970-72)
Angene H. Wilson, Liberia (1962-64)
Lexington, KY


Will Irwin, Afghanistan (1966-67)
Frances Hopkins Irwin, Afghanistan (1964-67)
Bethesda, MD


* Work is underway to have a similar bill introduced in the United States Senate