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Three Partnerships to Bolster Voting, Democracy, and Service

At a time of great turmoil in our nation, NPCA is working with with nonpartisan groups to foster free and fair elections, to encourage discussion and understanding across political divides,  and to underscore the importance of national service.

By WorldView Staff 


Power the Polls

We believe in empowering people to shape their own futures. This election season the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll across the country, leading to a staggering decrease in the number of people able to work the polls. So National Peace Corps Association partnered with Power the Polls to recruit poll workers from the Peace Corps community to ensure a safe and fair election for all voters. powerthepolls.org



Democracy for President

Why does democracy matter? It’s about a system and a culture — and a shared commitment to one another. At a time of national division, Democracy for President is a new nonpartisan initiative to help individuals and communities across the country bolster confidence in the integrity of the 2020 election.

Created by research group More in Common, the Democracy for President website poses some big questions: Can we trust the outcome of the election? How do I talk with someone I don’t agree with? How do I talk about violence and the election?


There are discussion guides, shareable infographics, and op-ed templates about how all Americans — regardless of who they will support in voting up through November 3 — can strengthen democracy. democracyforpresident.com


Serve America Together

National service mattters. NPCA has joined more than 80 leaders, including former cabinet secretaries, diplomats, and Pentagon appointees on a bipartisan Serve America Together letter calling on presidential campaigns to prioritize and expand national service.

The goal: empower young Americans, respond to COVID-19, and help knit our country back together. serveamericatogether.org




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