Affiliate Group Support for Evacuated RPCVs

Thank you to NPCA Affiliate Groups for stepping up to support the more than 7,000 Peace Corps Volunteers evacuated from their service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you participated in our Virtual Town Hall meetings, including a capacity crowd for the first one. Thank you. We are proud to be part of a community that is showing such an outpouring of support and responsiveness during this time.

The following captures the questions posed in the group chat for both the March 18th and March 19th town halls, and includes links for more detailed information. We are working diligently to develop additional information that captures all of the verbal questions and responses in those meetings as well. Thank you so much for your continued support. 

NPCA will continue to track developments and include updated information on this page as it becomes available.


  • 1. When will most PCVs be returning home?
    2. How is transport being arranged for PCVs?
    3. When will PCVs get readjustment allowance?
    4. How is Peace Corps handling hotel reimbursements and for how long?
    5. Are Peace Corps post staff also returning?

    For the latest information, please visit Peace Corps' website. As this situation is still developing, the information on their website is updated every day at Please monitor these pages on a daily basis to keep current with new information.

  • 1. What is the best way to connect and offer support to PCVs returning to our area?
    2. Is there a mechanism set up to contribute to various actions?
    3. How can I be a resource for emotional support?

    The community has launched a number of initiatives to assist PCVs being evacuated back to the states. A Facebook group called Returned Peace Corps COVID-19 Evacuation Support (Community-Generated) has developed several Google Docs like this one to track both PCVs who are requesting assistance, and RPCVs who are willing to assist. This is a crowd-sourced, informational resource and none of the individuals submitting information have been vetted. Please be cautious in interactions with any stranger.

    They have identified the following categories as the top five needs:
    • Transport to Home of Record
    • Financial Resources
    • Health Insurance
    • Jobs
    • Communication from Peace Corps about status of service

    NPCA is also in the process of tracking Affiliate Group responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Through the NPCA Affiliate Group Network Facebook group, group leaders can share information and collaborate on initiatives to offer assistance to PCVs. You may also go to the Affiliate Group directory on the NPCA website to join a group, or contact group leaders.

  • NPCA's Global Reentry Program offers support to PCVs making the transition from service to life back home. More information can be found at, which will be regularly updated as new information becomes available.

  • 1. What can we advocate for at this time?
    2. How can we leverage Congress to support Peace Corps evacuees?
    3. Is there any way for me to write to my senators/representatives regarding this issue?

    As of Friday, March 20th, our community has sent over 1,200 messages to Congress on the issue of support for Peace Corps and evacuated Volunteers. That letter template is available here for members to fill and send. This action also will allow you to tweet your elected representatives, ask family, friends, and others you know to take similar action, and craft/submit a letter-to-the-editor to your local newspaper.

    Meanwhile, NPCA is reaching out to key congressional leaders to urge extra funding support to Peace Corps and addressing key health care, financial needs, and other support to evacuees.

  • 1. How are evacuees going to access career services?
    2. Does Peace Corps HQ offer career services?
    3. Will evacuees have NCE (Non-competitive eligibility)?

    Information regarding evacuee NCE status can be found on Peace Corps' website, see the COVID-19 response page for FAQs.

    Peace Corps no longer offers career services, however NPCA hosts a list of career resources, in addition to regularly occurring career webinars. All past webinars are archived and can be accessed through NPCA’s website.

  • 1. What is the benevolent fund?
    2. What is the turnaround on applications for the benevolent fund?

    NPCA’s benevolent fund offers financial support to RPCVs facing critical short term emergency needs. If you, or someone you know, requires urgent financial support, please contact NPCA at Please provide a brief summary of the situation and the best contact information for the quickest response.