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National Days of Action: March 2017

2017 marks the 13th year NPCA will hold its National Days of Action. Find an event near you on the map below. 



Join or Organize an Event!


This year we are holding "Days" of Action between March 3rd and 15th, to prioritize advocacy mobilization in your local communities. Our goal is at least fifty local events around the country, involving a minimum of 500 advocates.

Our National Days of Action come at a critical time. You will be participating during the early stages of the appropriations process, and provide a strong initial boost to our efforts to support strong funding for the Peace Corps. You will also help kick off a renewed drive for the re-introduction of Peace Corps health legislation. And, with a new Congress with more than 50 new members and many lawmakers receiving new committee assignments, you will be essential in our efforts to introduce the Peace Corps to new policy makers.

Make plans to organize a meeting with the district office of your Member(s) of Congress. Or, bring together supporters of the Peace Corps for a social gathering that includes sending messages to Capitol Hill. Take the first step in this major nationwide mobilization by signing up to join or organize an event in your area!


Materials You Can Use!


Asks and Talking Points on key issues

NPCA is currently focusing ou advocacy on three key issues: Funding for the Peace Corps, funding for the International Affairs Budget, and Peace Corps healthcare legislation.

Asks and Talking Points (PDF)


Background materials on our key issues

Please review the below materials to learn about what issues NPCA is advocating for nationwide and on Capitol Hill. Use these materials to educate others, including your elected representatives at district office meetings. Use any/all of the following pdfs to educate others about the Peace Corps or for use in your congressional leave behind packets.

Overview Provides an overview of the Peace Corps' impact overseas and domestically.

In the Field and the Economy Provides an overview of the Peace Corps' and International Affairs' impact in the field and on the US economy. *If "In the Field and the Economy" has difficulty uploading, try downloading it a second time once the PDF page opens. 

Security and Domestic Dividend Provides an overview of the Peace Corps' impact on host country communities and America's communities.

America's Leaders Support the Peace Corps Provides an overview of American military, diplomatic and presidential support for the Peace Corps.


Funding Letters for Your Members of Congress to Submit 

House Peace Corps Funding Dear Colleague Letter Your House Representative has until March 24th to add his/her name to this letter, which supports no less than current spending levels of $410 million for the Peace Corps for fiscal year 2018. The Dear Colleague is co-sponsored by RPCV Congressmen John Garamendi (D-CA) and Joe Kennedy (D-MA). 

International Affairs Budget Appropriations Request Senate / House Urge your lawmakers to submit this letter, supporting $60 billion for the International Affairs Budget, to leaders on the Appropriations Committee.

Peace Corps Healthcare Legislation Overview This document summarizes justification for the need for legislation, and provides an overview of several key provisions expected in anticipated legislation and the contact information for interested Congressional offices.  


Take Quick Action on Funding for Peace Corps and International Affairs

Take quick action to urge lawmakers to support no less than $410 million for the Peace Corps and $60 billion for the International Affairs Budget.



The International Affairs Budget—which includes the Peace Corps and programs it partners with—is facing reported cuts of 37 percent. Cuts of this magnitude would have devastating impact on America's diplomatic and development efforts, national security and economy, goodwill and prestige. As 141 retired three- and four-star generals and admirals recently wrote to Congress, "Now is not the time to retreat." 

By law, the Peace Corps agency cannot lobby for itself. But we can. Please consider helping NPCA more effectively advocate for the Peace Corps' budget and Peace Corps healthcare, as well as the International Affairs Budget. Your generosity supports efforts to mobilize the Peace Corps community across the nation, as well as on Capitol Hill.  


#PeaceCorpsProud                                                                                #AmericaLeads