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As part of our commitment to continued global social impact, NPCA is proud to partner with a variety of organizations to offer international volunteer opportunities for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, former Peace Corps staff, and others who are interested. Please note: these are not Peace Corps Volunteer or Peace Corps Response postings.

Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F)

NPCA is partnering with Winrock International and NCBA CLUSA to recruit qualified RPCVs for F2F assignments in West Africa and South America. Farmer-to-Farmer assignments are designed to provide opportunity for US technical experts to conduct short term consultancies that focus on capacity building of organizations and individuals globally. This work focuses on agricultural extension training, livelihood development, cooperative development, and horticulture, among others. 

This is a five-year partnership to implement the Farmer-to-Farmer USAID funded program. NPCA and Winrock International will focus on assignments in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal, and NPCA and NCBA CLUSA will focus on assignments in Peru, Ecuador, and Cambodia.

Assignments generally last one to four weeks. While the volunteer consultants donate their time and expertise, all travel and living expenses are covered, including round-trip airfare, lodging, meals, local transportation, and incidentals. Some assignments require at least 10 years of professional experience in the technical area requested and/or a language requirement.  Winrock International and NCBA CLUSA recognize the unique experience RPCVs bring to these short term assignments, having long standing relationships and working experience in their countries of Peace Corps service and professional careers.  NPCA is proud to partner with Winrock International and NCBA CLUSA to provide opportunities for RPCVs to make continued global social impacts.  

If you are interested in serving in a short-term assignment, or would like to apply for one of the assignments listed below, send a brief cover letter and resume to





Current Opportunities

Short Term Farmer-to-Farmer Assignments:

Local Chocolatier

Country: Peru - In-Person Peru based
Location: Huánuco
Implementing Partner: NCBA CLUSA

Language Requirement: English and Spanish

Length of Assignment: 2 weeks 

Assignment Description: NCBA CLUSA is currently seeking qualified Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer candidates for the position of Local Chocolatier to support Cooperativa Agroindustrial y de Servicios del Centro Poblado de Bella (CAI BELLA) based in Huanuco, Peru. The Peru based Chocolatier will share their expertise in creating flavorful chocolates that appeal to both the general public’s sweet tooth as well as the refined palates of chocolate critics worldwide.  The cooperative uses milk and sugar to balance out the bitterness and texture profile of the Coleccion Castro Naranjal cocao variety and create a high-quality product but have had limited success.  CAI BELLA wants to offer products that fit customers’ palates, are marketable and fit socio-economic eating habits. Therefore, they would like the volunteers to assist them to improve their chocolate and cacao by-products making skills, recipes, identify traits to market themselves and propose innovation in their assortment of products.  This volunteer will collaborate with a US based Chocolatier on this assignment.


Remote and Local Marketing and Branding Specialists

Country: Peru - 1 Remote US based and 1 In-Person Peru based
Location: Moyobamba
Implementing Partner: NCBA CLUSA

Language Requirement: English and Spanish

Length of Assignment: 2 weeks 

Assignment Description: NCBA CLUSA is currently seeking 2 (1- US volunteer and 1- volunteer based in Peru) qualified qualified Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer candidates for the position of Marketing and Branding Specialist to support Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Frutos de Selva, based in Moyobamba,Peru.   Frutos de Selva sells coffee and is currently facing challenges related to increasing sales and attracting more customers.  They recognize that they cannot achieve the aforementioned without a good marketing strategy that includes online and hard copy materials.  They would also like to strengthen the brand and analyze current communication channels (social media, website, and others) to determine effectiveness.


Remote Translation Support  

Country: Guinea, Senegal, Mali
Location: Remote
Implementing Partner: Winrock International

Language Requirement: Fluent French, local language a plus

Length of Assignment: approximately 2 months; 3-15 hours a week

Assignment Description: Winrock International requests the support of remote Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer assignments, supporting hosts located in Francophone West African countries. Translation volunteers will support the F2F in country teams in the implementation of the F2F project, including tasks related to translation for remote technical assignments, pre-produced materials, and/or live remote trainings. This would enable the hosts to remotely receive the necessary information from the technical volunteer or allow a deliverable a technical volunteer has created to be translated into a language understandable to the beneficiaries.  This translator volunteer assignment will work in tandem with F2F country staff and other technical experts supporting F2F host beneficiaries. The translator volunteer will assist technical experts to present their trainings/ materials in a language understood by the host beneficiaries.  


Long Term Farmer-to-Farmer Assignments:

Project Implementation Support

NPCA, in partnership with Winrock International, places long term volunteers in Francophone West Africa to support the Farmer-to-Farmer country offices with project implementation.  We are not currently accepting applications for this assignment, but if you are interested in learning more about long term volunteer opportunities in 2021, please fill out this expression of interest form.  

Countries: Senegal, Guinea, Mali
Length of Assignment: 6-9 Months

Implementing Partner: Winrock International

Language Requirement: French
Assignment Description: Assisting the Winrock Farmer-to-Farmer country office with project implementation support.  Duties may include: document translation, report writing, scope of work development, host organization assessment, and data collection. Applicants should have a strong background in agriculture.

**As part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Consortium, these assignments are made possible through USAID funding. In accordance to USAID guidelines, any candidates submitted for consideration under this project must have a valid US passport or Green Card.**


If you are interested in serving in a Farmer-to-Farmer assignment, or would like to apply for one of the assignments listed above, send a brief cover letter and resume to  All application materials must be submitted in English.


If you are interested in learning about upcoming international volunteers opportunities, please update your NPCA profile section "International Volunteer Activities" at the bottom of the page. You can upload your resume as well as sync to your LinkedIn profile. While updating your profile, please make sure your country of service information is correct. While you may update your privacy settings to make some information on your profile visible to members of the Peace Corps community and/or to the public, information under "International Volunteer Activities"and your resume are visible to NPCA administration only.


National Peace Corps Association is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic.