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Global Reentry Program

A Bridge Between Peace Corps Service and a Lifetime of Peace Corps Ideals

Here to Serve You

Through the Global Reentry Program, National Peace Corps Association helps returned Volunteers with readjustment at home after service, providing resources that make an impact in communities back home — and to overcome challenges and take the next steps toward healthy lives and successful careers following their Peace Corps service.

The Global Reentry Program was launched in March 2020 with a focus on working with thousands of Volunteers evacuated from around the world amid global pandemic. More than that, Global Reentry is geared to help both those who closed their Peace Corps service in the last few years — as well as those who finished service decades ago. The purpose is to welcome Volunteers home with this assurance: We’re here for you. 


What Does Global Reentry Do?

For Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, we open doors to career counseling services and job guidance. We steer members to educational opportunities for degree seekers and lifelong learners. We open avenues for those seeking and advocating for health services. And we provide opportunities for continued social impact. 


In Their Own Words


Need help with your next career opportunity after service? With the Global Reentry Program, National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is here to help returned Volunteers with readjustment at home after service, provide resources to overcome challenges, and be there as RPCVs take the next steps toward healthy lives and successful careers. Listen to these Returned Peace Corps Volunteers as they attest to how the Global Reentry Program has provided them support and advice at a crucial time.


Connect with the Peace Corps Community


Activate Free Membership

Join the Peace Corps Community. A Global Reentry Membership is free. Be sure to include your current address and where you served with the Peace Corps to help us connect you to your local community — and send you the quarterly WorldView magazine.

Community Events

Get started by connecting and networking with the Peace Corps community, nearly a quarter million strong. The Global Reentry Program hosts webinars and podcasts every month. NPCA affiliate groups across the country host events as well, many geared toward recently-returned Volunteers.

Find a Group

The NPCA Affiliate Group directory helps you connect with more of the 180 affiliate groups that offer ongoing programming, services, support, and volunteer opportunities. Groups are organized by country of service, cities and regions across the U.S., by workplaces where many RPCVs work, and around causes that matter to the Peace Corps community.

Listen up! “Jobs with Jodi” Podcast


Join Career Services Support Specialist Jodi Hammer every week as she answers career questions from the audience while sharing relevant tips and resources. Episodes feature special guests and panels to discuss job search topics, employers, and industries that frequently attract Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Also watch for non-career special episodes and updates from NPCA. Watch on YouTube, listen on Spotify. Questions? Write: