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"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

- John F. Kennedy

Give Where Needed Most
In establishing the Peace Corps, JFK spoke of the “great common cause...of bringing to man that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace.” Today, people continue to be confronted by war, poverty, disease and a changing climate, and now when our own country is experiencing divisiveness, intolerance, and fear—that “great common cause” is more urgent than ever.
Support for NPCA and our partnered campaigns will deepen the Peace Corps communities' global impact by empowering members and groups to champion that “great common cause.” From advocacy for a bigger and better Peace Corps to supporting sustainable international development projects, we are building a better world dollar by dollar. Join us, and be a part of our community of changemakers.



Support the Unfinished Business of Evacuated Volunteers

These Volunteers lost their project funding when they were evacuated due to COVID-19. Will you help them complete their projects?

Elyse Magen

Elyse was working with a women's group who make artisanal chocolate desserts throughout her Peace Corps service. These women are all cacao farmers themselves and have had little economic opportunity. They have not had a formal education and at a young age were displaced due to the violence in their region. The business they have started provides disposable income in a culture where women have little opportunity to work.

The grant has two focuses: (1) Buy machinery to expand the product line and (2) Modify their workspace so they can comply with health sanitary codes.


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Cristal Ouedraogo

In Benin, women and girls have lower educational attainment and more barriers to education than men and boys. A literacy and research center will create a safe space for girls to pursue academic excellence and increase high performance rates amongst girls. Additionally, these funds will help renovate and furnish a dilapidated school room so that it can serve as a literacy and research center for approximately 500 secondary school students in need, including young female learners. 


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Interested in Receiving a Grant from NPCA?


If you're a PCV, RPCV, or member of an affiliate group and would like grant funding from NPCA's community fund, please complete a grant expression of interest here.

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NPCA advocacy
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NPCA advocates for and contributes to the continued improvement and expansion of the Peace Corps.

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Water & Sanitation

Help us bring clean water and sanitation services to developing communities in need.

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Girls Education
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Girls Education

Help us ensure that girls around the world have the opportunity to finish secondary school.

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Invest in your Peace Corps community as a part of your living legacy.

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Benevolent fund

Help us support Peace Corps community members that are struggling in the face of adversity.

Girl in Mongolia Let Girls Learn
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Micro-Loan Partnership Program

Help us provide micro-loans to build healthy economies in developing countries

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