Become a Mission Partner

2 Pathways to Partnership

Members who can contribute $50 or more are invited to be partners in advancing NPCA’s mission and achieving our goals of a bigger better Peace Corps, a thriving community, and increased development impact. In addition to the many benefits NPCA offers to all of its members, mission partners also receive a subscription to the well-loved WorldView magazineWorldView keeps us connected to the Peace Corps field experience and the goings on in our community. There are two basic pathways to mission partnership:

Membership Subscription

JOIN NPCA and select a "subscription level" - Supporter ($50), Sustainer ($100), Leader ($250), Shriver ($1,000), and Founder ($10,000). Through this pathway, we'll put your contribution to use where it's needed most, we'll automatically remind you each year when it's time to renew. Your NPCA profile status will proudly display your subscription level.


Community Fund Contribution

Contribute to NPCA's Community Fund, encompassing several specific Campaigns that support NPCA programs like Advocacy or our Partnered Campaigns like Clean Water and Sanitation (which funds projects led by currently serving and returned Peace Corps Volunteers).


Sargent Shriver Leadership Circle

Regardless of the pathway to mission partnership, those who donate at the $1,000 level and beyond are invited to join the Sargent Shriver Leadership Circle. This core group of mission partners provide vital leadership to NPCA through their eligibility for board service, the annual Shriver Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., and regional Shriver Circle events that occur throughout the year. The true value of Shriver Circle members goes beyond what they give materially; they exemplify the leadership that the Peace Corps community needs to reach its full potential.


The benefits of joining NPCA are enormous--from perks like access to global jobs to countless opportunities to make a giant impact on the world. Best yet, it's free to join.