Serving Volunteers Advisory Council

The purpose of the Serving Volunteer Advisory Council (SVAC) is to create a regular two-way channel of communication between serving Peace Corps Volunteers and NPCA, the nonprofit organization that connects the Peace Corps community at home and abroad.  SVAC members are interested in engaging PCVs in broad conversations from NPCA advocacy issues to the entrepreneurial endeavors of RPCVs worldwide.

The Council comprises 12 Senior Advisors, supported by the SVAC Coordinator and an unlimited number of Advisors (current PCVs) and Special Advisors (RPCVs), who specialize in one of twelve areas. Connect with them via the SVAC Facebook page

For more information about the NPCA Serving Volunteer Advisory Council, view the founding SVAC Framework.

SVAC hosts monthly Town Hall Meeting the third Monday of the month at at 9:00am EST (6:00am PT) and we want YOU to be there!

Advisory Council

The NPCA Advisory Council is made up of national leaders who have made a significant contribution to the Peace Corps and who have forged highly successful careers in the public and private sectors. These individuals meet periodically to provide strategic advice to the President and Board on ways that NPCA can better serve its members and groups and advance its mission.


Carol Bellamy (Guatemala 1963-1965, Peace Corps Director 1993-1995)
Chair, Global Partnership for Education
Former President and CEO, World Learning
Former Executive Director, UNICEF

Ron Boring (Guinea 1964-1966) 
Former Executive Vice President
Vodafone Japan

Nicholas Craw (Peace Corps Director 1973-1974) 
Automobile Competition Committee for the U.S.
Former President and CEO, U.S. Sailing Association

Sam Farr (Colombia 1964-1966) 
U.S. House of Representatives, California

John Garamendi (Ethiopia 1966-1968) 
U.S. House of Representatives, California

Mark Gearan (Peace Corps Director 1995-1999) 
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Former White House Director of Communications

Tony Hall (Thailand 1966-1967)
Changing the Face of Hunger (recently excerpted in WorldView)
Former Member of U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio
Former U.S. Ambassador to Food and Agriculture Organization

Sandra Jaffee (Ethiopia 1966-1968) 
Former Executive Vice President

William E. ” Wilber” James (Kenya 1969-1972) 
Managing General Partner
RockPort Capital Partners
Co-Founder, Citizens Energy Corporation

John Y. Keffer (Panama 1966-1969)
Chairman, Atlantic Fund Administration

Virginia Kirkwood (Turkey 1964-1966, Thailand Country Director 1990-1993) 
Shawnee Holdings, Inc.

Richard M. Krieg (Brazil 1969-1971) 
Former President and CEO
The Horizon Foundation

Kenneth Lehman (Guatemala 1966-1968, Headquarters Staff 1968-1971) 
Chairman Emeritus
Winning Workplaces
Former co-Chairman, Fel-Pro, Inc.

C. Payne Lucas (Togo and Niger Country Director 1961-1972, Headquarters Staff) 
Senior Advisor
AllAfrica Global Media and the AllAfrica Foundation
Former President, Africare

Dennis Lucey (Liberia Country Director 1976-1977)
Vice President
TKC Global

Bruce McNamer (Paraguay 1990-1992)
Head of Global Philanthropy and Chief Executive Officer
JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Gordon Radley (Malawi 1968-1970, Samoa Staff 1979)
Former President

John E. Riggan (Kenya 1965-1970, Chad 1971-1972) 
Founding member, Chairman and CEO

Mark Schneider (El Salvador 1966-1968, Peace Corps Director 1999-2001)
Senior Vice President, Special Adviser on Latin America
International Crisis Group

Donna Shalala (Iran 1962-1964) 
Clinton Foundation
Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Former President, University of Miami
(Click here to read “Donna Shalala recommends Peace Corps for adventure, learning”)

Paul Slawson (Peace Corps staff HQ, Pakistan, Iran, Francophone Africa 1961-1965)
Former CEO, InterPacific Co., and other multinational corporations
Trustee and former Chairman, American University of Paris
Trustee and Treasurer, The Asia Foundation

F. Chapman Taylor (Samoa 1982-1985)
Senior Vice President and Research Director
Capital International Research, Inc.

Ron Tschetter (India 1966-1968, Peace Corps Director 2006-2009))
D.A. Davidson & Co.

Joan Timoney (Senegal 1978-1980, Peace Corps HQ staff 1993-2001)
Senior Director for Advocacy and External Relations
Women’s Refugee Commission

Aaron Williams (Dominican Republic 1967-1970, Peace Corps Director 2009-2012)
Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Corporate Communications
Research Triangle Institute

Harris Wofford (Special Peace Corps Representative to Africa: Ethiopia/Eritrea, Sierra Leone 1962-1964; Associate Peace Corps Director 1964-1966) 
Senior Fellow
The Case Foundation
U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania 1991-1995; Founding Peace Corps Staff Member, 1961