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Community Fund - Projects in the Field

If you are interested in increasing the Peace Corps Community’s global development impact, but don’t see a specific project you want to support- look no further! By donating to the Community Fund – Projects in the Field campaign, this allows NPCA to identify projects most in need and direct funds where we can make the most impact.  Funds from this campaign may go toward supporting any of the following initiatives:

  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers returning to their communities to conduct projects in continuation of their service or in partnership with their affiliate groups
  • Funding for WASH projects through the NPCA-Water Charity partnership
  • Funding for affiliate groups working on development projects

In 2021 NPCA was able to fund the following RPCV projects through our Community Fund:

  1. RPCV Ashely Benson/Sturgis West Charter School in Massachusetts – Student Anti-Racism group.  This student group put on a anti-racism conference for students in their district.
  2. RPCV Brett Claydon/Educators of America, Inc. – Building Cultural Bridges program between New York and Namibian students. This program provides a unique cultural exchange opportunity for diverse students.
  3. RPCV Cliff Duong/Anjiro Initiative – Girl’s Scholarship Program in Madagascar. This program pays for school fees for girls in Madagascar so they can continue their education.
  4. RPCV Meisha Lerato Robinson/I Am, We Are – Morafe Leadership Program. This program provides a social/emotional program for high school girls in South Africa to become leaders in their communities.
  5. Museum of the Peace Corps Experience – Peace Corps at 60: Inside the Volunteer Experience.  This exhibit included the Many Faces of Peace Corps event celebrating diversity among RPCVs.
  6. New York City Peace Corps Association – RPCV Conversation Series.  This series will celebrate and share the diverse experiences of RPCVs who served together.
  7. RPCV Oliver Zornow/Caneille Regional Development Fund – Book Buy Back Program in Haiti. This program empowers and provides educational materials to underserved elementary students in Caneille Haiti.
  8. RPCV Allegra Alcoff/UkaniManje – HIV Music Campaign. This organization works with Zambia artists to record health education music that gets disbursed to all youth in Zambia.
  9. RPCV Naomi Docilait/ACCESS NOWW – This program will provide youth development camps for underserved youth in Haiti and Virginia.
  10. RPCVLA – Community Engagement Event.  Funds will assist RPCVLA host an annual event where they invite community partners and members to an engagement event in order to build relationships and collaborate on social impact initiatives in the LA area.
  11. RPCV Virginia O’Neill/Project MOVE. Moving Beyond Workshops – approximately 50 kids will get to engage for 5 months of free workshops and share that joy with the community, encouraging tolerance.
  12. NOVA RPCVs – Anti-Racism TOT. This program will provide NPCA Affiliate Groups with a comprehensive anti-racism program to share with their memberships. This will be done by building a Training of Trainers program.

Consider making a donation today to our Community Fund so we can keep supporting the amazing social impact of RPCVs.

NPCA invests 85 percent of the total donations directly to support these projects and 15 percent where needed most to support service administration and our overall mission.