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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin- Madison

About Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin- Madison

We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and other individuals who promote Peace Corps ideals by:

  • supporting a social network for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers *promoting cultural understanding and awareness of international issues
  • supporting the Peace Corps’ mission and active volunteers
  • collaborating and volunteering with non-profit organizations aligned with our goals.

Find out more about us here: www.rpcvmadison.org.

Our Group Facebook page is www.facebook.com/RPCVsMadison/

Products & Services

Yes! We are the group that produces and sells the International Calendar!

Order Calendars, Posters or Notecards here

or Submit Photos here.


In order to accomplish our Third Goal activities, we have been producing the International Calendar since 1988. The 2024 calendar brings us to our 36th Anniversary!

We began producing and selling new products based on the calendar photos: “we all” Posters in 2009, notecards in 2014, and a Perpetual Calendar in 2017.  We support the returned Peace Corps community by offering deep discounts and friendly payment terms so that you can raise funds for your own activities. Ask us about our Cooperative Marketing Plan! Send an inquiry to [email protected] to avoid the hassle of shipping calendars around the country or guessing how many you might sell in a year.

Join our Calendar Facebook page here.

Affiliate Group Contact

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://rpcvmadison.org/

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