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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of North Florida

About Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of North Florida

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of North Florida share our Peace Corps and international experiences with Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.

The purposes of the Organization shall be:

(a) To provide educational outreach to inform the American public about the U.S. Peace Corps and the culture and values of the host country peoples it serves throughout the world;

(b) To lend active support for recruitment activities of the Peace Corps and other volunteer programs such as Vista and Ameri-Corps;

(c) To encourage social volunteerism among our members;

(d) To engage in constructive social change through public advocacy and sponsorship of community development projects both at home and abroad; and

(e) To facilitate fellowship among returned Peace Corps volunteers and staff as well as former Vista and Ameri-Corps volunteers living in North Florida and Southern Georgia by sponsoring social activities.

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