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The LGBTQI+ RPCV group is a revival of the original LGBT RPCV group, founded in 1991. Our vision and mission are as follows:


A diverse and inclusive Peace Corps community where every Volunteer feels respected, safe, and supported to achieve their full potential.


LGBTQI+ RPCVs, understanding the importance of diverse voices in international development, supports LGBTQI+ applicants, Volunteers, and Returned Volunteers; and advocates for inclusive policies throughout the Peace Corps.

We are a registered non-profit in the District of Colombia, but welcome individuals from all over the US and the world.

Products & Services

LGBTQI+ RPCVs conducts regular community calls to foster community and share important updates.

The LGBTQI+ RPCVs welcomes applicants to the Peace Corps to contact us through [email protected]. We maintain a database of members and may be able to be connect applicants with members who have served in various countries or with various identities.

Affiliate Group Contact

Email: [email protected]

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