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Friends of Peace Corps The Gambia

About Friends of Peace Corps The Gambia

The newly formed and developing Friends of Peace Corps The Gambia group aligns with NPCA’s Vision, Mission, and Goals in numerous ways. We will be the first group created that is specifically for The Gambia and raises up Returned Gambian Volunteers’ voices in the national NPCA community. We hope to connect and reconnect generations of Gambian volunteers so that a commitment to The Gambia and Peace Corps continues in their lives and in their communities. We want to create space for RPCVs to celebrate, enjoy, reminisce, and encourage each other while supporting Gambian communities, families, and individuals. We envision a strong community that will support current Peace Corps projects, as well as those created by Gambians or RPCVs. We will support the NPCA in its goal of helping the Peace Corps be the best it can be, by supporting NPCA’s national goals. We will strive to fulfill the Peace Corps’ 3rd goal by teaching about and connecting Americans to The Gambia.

Our vision is to build an understanding and appreciation in the United States for The Gambia and to connect, support, and uplift the Gambian Peace Corps community and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from The Gambia. Our mission is to create a vibrant community of Peace Corps, The Gambia affiliates to work together to continue Peace Corps 3rd Goal projects, reconnect returned volunteers to host families and friends in The Gambia, and support current community projects in The Gambia.

Our goals include:

  • Keeping the Friends of PCTG community updated about current events in The Gambia
  • Connecting Gambian RPCVs and affiliates with the Peace Corps and Gambian communities
  • Supporting current volunteers’ passion projects
  • Celebrating Gambian community and culture to advance the Peace Corps’ 3rd Goal
  • Representing the Gambian RPCV community in the National Peace Corps Association community
  • Making it easier for the Returned Peace Corps community to assist and support current Gambian development projects

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsofTheGambia

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