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Friends of Albania

About Friends of Albania

Friends of Albania (FOA) is an American non-profit run by Peace Corps Volunteers who have previously served in Albania.

FOA seeks to positively impact lives in Albania by supporting local, community-driven projects facilitated by currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers.

Friends of Albania provides small development grants to Albanian organizations working with Peace Corps Volunteers while building a stronger friendship between the people of the United States of America and the people of Albania.

Friends of Albania was founded in 2009 by the tenth group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in Albania as they left the country with a desire to continue the friendship between the United States and Albania. As Peace Corps Volunteers learn while serving in Albania, there is a significant need for funding to support educational, cultural and civil society development in the country. Friends of Albania partners with current Peace Corps Volunteers and the Albanian organizations in the communities where they live to fund development grants. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to improve the lives of Albanians.

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Primary Contact: FOA Board Members

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Website: http://www.friendsofalbania.net/

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