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What Happens to the Peace Corps During a Government Shutdown?

Late on Saturday, September 30, Congress passed a so-called “continuing resolution”, which will keep the federal government operating through the first 45 days of the new fiscal year (FY 2024). Congress now has until November 17 to agree on FY 2024 spending, pass another continuing resolution, or face a government shutdown once again.

By NPCA Staff

Should there be a government shutdown in the future, what does that mean for the Peace Corps? In the agency’s operations plan to the federal Office of Management and Budget, Volunteers in the field will continue their work, and overseas posts will remain open.


“All activities directly related to currently serving Volunteers and overseas operations, as well as activities necessary for health, safety, and security of Volunteers, will continue and be funded from carryover balances.”

From the Lapse Plan Summary Overview on page 1


That is not the case for many Peace Corps staff at work in the United States.


“Volunteer recruitment, selection, and placement and other domestic operations that are not necessary for the protection of human life, property, or are not required to ensure the health, safety, and security of currently serving Volunteers will cease.”

From the Lapse Plan Summary Overview on page 1


A little over one-third of Peace Corps staff are expected to remain at work, viewed as necessary to protect life and property.

Read Peace Corps’ operations plan in the event of a government shutdown here.

Learn more about the federal government shutdowns here.

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