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NPCA Board Actions in Relation to Community Concerns

A Statement from the NPCA Board of Directors


NPCA strives to be a trusted leader and convener within the Peace Corps community. Building and maintaining trust requires intentional listening. The Board takes concerns over the workplace environment very seriously and is working to address concerns among the staff and the community. We want to emphasize that NPCA is listening to the voices from all our stakeholders, and we hear that some members of our community are concerned that NPCA is not where we aim to be. No organization is perfect, but we wholly commit to be better.

As such, the Board has taken action to address issues and evolve as needed. Three board task forces have been established to ensure we continue to act as an inclusive leader for the Peace Corps community. Each of these task forces, with clear time-bound objectives, is headed by a member of the NPCA Board of Directors. The three task forces are:

  • The Community Concerns Task Force, which has a mandate to better understand the new concerns that are being raised to the Board’s attention from the staff and community and to propose, within 90 days, appropriate actions for the NPCA Board to take to address these concerns. This committee will catalog the concerns including those related to the work environment that have been raised as well as any others that come to our attention and recommend to the Board a plan of action to address them.
  • The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy Task Force, which is tasked to use the previously adopted NPCA DEI Framework to develop an DEI Policy for NPCA that will help promote a positive organizational culture. The draft DEI Policy should be prepared for consideration at the September NPCA Board Meeting.
  • The Communications Task Force is tasked to help NPCA better engage the staff, affiliate groups, donors, grantors, and others in open and greater dialogue with our community as we seek our new NPCA president.

The work of these groups is already underway and the community will be engaged to support these efforts. The outputs will be utilized by the Board to take action and provide direction to ensure that our organization is on the best course to continue to lead the broad Peace Corps community in the future. If you would like to provide input to any of these efforts, please contact [email protected].

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