WorldView Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in writing for WorldView! We welcome proposals or completed articles submitted on speculation:

  • Based on a writer’s recent experience with a variety of human development issues in communities and countries where Peace Corps volunteers serve or have served.  Articles should reflect authority on an issue or recent first-hand experience that demonstrates a grassroots familiarity with a community.
  • That highlight how the transformative nature of the Peace Corps experience carries forward and how former Volunteers continue to make a difference in the United States and around the world.
  • That examine aspects of the Peace Corps, the international service movement or point to the societal impact of the Peace Corps and the values of volunteerism.

Writers must have the ability to write articles that are engaging, interesting, humorous, illuminating, insightful and/or informative. In short they must be relevant to a diverse and discriminating readership.

NOTE: While no payment is involved when writing for WorldView, serving Peace Corps Volunteers may wish to apprise their country director of their intention to write for the magazine.


(Every department does not always appear in every issue)

Your Turn

We welcome concise (250 words or fewer) letters to the editor concerning a recently published WorldView article or an issue relevant to the Peace Corps community. Letters may be edited and will require sender’s approval.

Around NPCA – Group News Highlights

Is your RPCV group doing something that others should know about?  Tell us!  Send a brief (200 word) summary of an event or project your group is doing or has done recently.  Photos are also welcome.

Letter from…

First-hand narratives about people or events in a community where Peace Corps has served. Profiles of individuals and events that describe and explain how a community works. Use dialogue, vignettes, brief but detailed descriptions of persons, locations and events in a carefully structured article with a clearly identified point of view. Factual accuracy and clarity of expression are required.

Commentary & Opinion

Personal views regarding human development issues, U.S. foreign policy or other Peace Corps-related concerns.

Buzz from the Field

Stories about leading edge or innovative programs, projects, products and changemakers in the field of international development or in countries where Peace Corps Volunteers serve or have served.  Can include interviews of host country nationals who are making a difference.

Book Locker

Excerpt from a book by a Peace Corps writer, or from a book set in or about a Peace Corps country.

Profiles in Service

Profile of a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who is continuing to have an impact in a significant way.

Giving Back

We encourage suggestions from readers of worthy projects operated by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and former Peace Corps staff that benefit communities in less-developed countries and underserved communities in the United States. Include web address, if available, and an e-mail or phone contact for confirmation. 

Community News

Tell us about recent professional and community service activities by returned Peace Corps Volunteers and former Peace Corps staff. Include country and years of service and an e-mail or phone contact for confirmation. 


A set of photographic images from a specific country or community. High resolution digital images at 300 pixels per inch should be submitted with a photo credit and sufficient information to craft a photo caption.


First-hand travel in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific that describes an intimate social and cultural engagement with people, communities and landscapes of remote places in the world. Focus on extreme adventure, exotic travel, sports, food and other topics are welcome, but understanding and empathy for the community is essential. Include web addresses of any recommended services.

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How to Submit

  • Write an original article up to a maximum of 1,000 words.  750 is ideal. DO NOT SUBMIT OVER THIS LIMIT!  If you feel the need to go over that, please contact the editor via email to discuss.  We cannot even consider pieces of 2,00o+ words.
  • Style: We generally follow Associated Press style and punctuation.  We like to capitalize “Returned Peace Corps Volunteer” … it’s our thing.
  • Submission format:  One-inch margins, indent the first line of each paragraph, single-spaced with one space between paragraphs, 12 point Arial font, Microsoft Word compatible. Please remove hyperlinks and write out URLs. At the beginning of the submission include your name, word count, and suggestion for a title and subtitle.
  • Include your name in the file’s name, for example FirstLast.WorldView.doc.
  • At the end of your submission, please include a brief “author’s blurb” that establishes your familiarity with the subject.  If you served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, please identify your years and location of service and the work you performed. For example, “Joe Smith (Kenya 82-84) is the founder of ….”
  • Photos to accompany a story are encouraged. All digital images should be as large and as high resolution as possible for print publication (300 ppi is ideal).  For each photo, please submit a photo credit and sufficient information to craft a photo caption. Do this for each photo.  This information should be included at the end of the manuscript, after the author blurb. DO NOT embed photos in the Word doc.  Please send the photos as separate .jpg  or .tiff file email attachments.
  • Email the submission to Please include your mailing address in your email, so that upon publication we can easily mail you hard copies (in addition to a PDF of the article).

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Editorial Procedure

If a contribution is accepted for the print edition, the article will be edited in collaboration with the author.  We reserve the right to delay publication or not publish at any time.  Selected printed articles may appear on our website after quarterly publication, with no additional payment to the writer. We copyright all material in each printed issue, however copyright remains with the writer, artist, or photographer.

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Editorial Calendar

Each issue also has a theme/editorial focus. Chances for publication increase to the degree that your submission can speak to the editorial focus.


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Please contact Worldview Editor David Arnold:

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