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    The President has proposed reduced Peace Corps funding for the third consecutive year. see more

    For the third consecutive year, President Trump is recommending a reduction in funding for the Peace Corps. The president's request of $396 million for the agency in Fiscal Year 2020 would represent a slightly more than three percent cut in funding.

    It has been more than 35 years since a president has proposed consistent cuts in Peace Corps funding to Congress.

    "It is disappointing that the President has recommended this cut in Peace Corps' funding, especially as the number of citizens applying for Peace Corps service continues to be far higher than the number of available positions," said National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) President and CEO Glenn Blumhorst. "Thankfully, Congress has spoken with a bipartisan voice to reject such cuts in the past. We hope they will do so again."

    The proposed reduction in Peace Corps spending was part of a much larger 24 percent cut to the nation's International Affairs Budget. The US Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) called those level of cuts "dangerous and disproportionate." Read the full USGLC statement here.


    Taking Action for a Funding Increase

    On February 28th, 125 NPCA advocates traversed Capitol Hill to meet with congressional offices and recommend $450 million for Peace Corps for the fiscal year that begins next October 1. Peace Corps has been operating for the past four fiscal years with a budget of roughly $410 million.

    Nearly 1,000 messages have been sent to Congress so far during NPCA's National Days of Action.

    Tell Congress to support strong Peace Corps funding and promote other pending legislation.

    Contact if you want to assist with upcoming advocacy mobilization concerning funding for the Peace Corps.



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    Join events around the country in March to support the Peace Corps! see more

    National Peace Corps Association's (NPCA) March 1st Capitol Hill Day of Action to support a stronger and better Peace Corps is booked to capacity!

    But that's not all that is happening. Not even close.

    Our National Days of Action (that's right, days) is designed for all Peace Corps supporters to come together at a key moment on the calendar to: 

    • Make sure Peace Corps gets strong funding in the current (FY 2018) budget, as we also kick-off critical mobilization for FY 2019 Peace Corps and international affairs funding.
    • Make sure the best possible Peace Corps health and safety legislation passes in this 115th Congress by year's end.

    Get Ready to Take Action!

    If you don't do anything else for the rest of the year, now is the time to show your support for the Peace Corps. There are many ways to join the mobilization.

    • Right Now: Plan to Attend/Organize a Local Days of Action Event: Letter writing in Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Antonio and Honolulu. Meetings with lawmakers at their district offices in Buffalo, Jacksonville, Tuscaloosa and Kansas City. Visit our events page today to connect with a Days of Action activity in your area. Contact us if you want to organize an event in your area, or participate in Days of Action prep webinars in the coming days.
    • March 1st: As nearly 200 advocates and other supporters converge on Capitol Hill, back them up! Plan to visit our website to email or call your lawmakers urging positive action on the Peace Corps.
    • Ongoing: Our success requires your support! Make a donation of any amount to support NPCA's advocacy program.

    And, Updated State Resources!

    Has your Senator signed past Peace Corps funding letters? Is your Congressman/woman a co-sponsor of Peace Corps health/safety legislation? And, how many Peace Corps volunteers have served from your state since 1961? All of that information - and much, much more - can be found in our updated state resources!