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membership plans

  • Steven Saum posted an article
    Equality and justice. Empathy and compassion. see more

    Equality and justice. Empathy and compassion.


    Teaching health or English, working in youth development or fisheries, nurturing enterprises or advising in agriculture.

    Building friendships to help the world understand our complex and troubled nation, bringing understanding of a wider world back home. 

    Navigating lives as individuals and parents, children and siblings, citizens and friends in a time of need.



    Colt Bradley calls North Carolina home now. He took this photo of the primary school in Missamana, Guinea, where he was serving as a Volunteer until he was evacuated in March. As tough as the journey sometimes is, beauty and wonder are part of it, too. So is community.

    Support work guided by Peace Corps values.Become a National Peace Corps Association Mission Partner.

     August 31, 2020