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  • Rachel Mannino posted an article
    Thank you to our #GivingTuesday Champions! see more

    After the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday (November 28th) is a time to give back. The Peace Corps community needs your help this #GivingTuesday, so we can continue to support our members all year long!


    In this challenging political environment, the Peace Corps community has to push incredibly hard to galvanize support for the Peace Corps in Congress. It was tough this year, when the White House and the House budget both cut Peace Corps funding by $12 million. However, thanks to the hard work of our community advocates, the Senate voted to level fund the agency. We’re still fighting for that level $410 million budget. Donations made during #GivingTuesday will help fund our advocacy efforts in 2018. We will continue building our network of volunteer advocacy coordinators across the country, and provide better technology to help our members reach out to Congressional leadership. We will also implement another day of action on the Hill.


    NPCA #GivingTuesday Champions have committed to enlisting 10 people to donate $10 or more on #GivingTuesday and to sharing their Peace Corps stories to increase awareness and raise support. You can help, too. Here’s how:

    • Sign up to be a #GivingTuesday Champion by emailing
    • Donate to the advocacy fund, and tell others about why you gave your contribution.
    • Share our #GivingTuesday social media posts on your profiles, along with your own Peace Corps story, and ask your friends and family for donations.

    Thank you for all you do to support NPCA. We need your passion for our advocacy work now more than ever!



    Thank you #GivingTuesday Champions!


    Amanda Silva

    Amy Morros

    Andrea Kruse

    Becky Errera

    David  A. Miron

    Deborah Johnston

    Jonathan Pearson

    Katelyn Haas

    Kristina J. Owens

    Linda Goetzinger

    Maricarmen Smith-Martinez

    Meredith Martin

    Sam Ryals

    Samreen Singh

    Tyler Lloyd from My PC Story

    Maine Peace Corps Association - #GivingTuesday outreach coordinated by Nicole Lewis and Valerie Young


     November 27, 2017
  • Kemi Tignor posted an article
    Because we’re not just an association, we’re a force for good. see more

    Four reasons to support the NPCA community this #GivingTuesday

    Because we're not just an association, we're a force for good.

    #1 | You will help the Peace Corps be the best it can be

    Your gifts support NPCA’s successful advocacy work. Invest in NPCA’s ongoing and necessary advocacy to improve and expand the Peace Corps!

    #2 | You will help build community

    NPCA directly invests your support in programming that connects, engages, and builds the capacity of members and groups to live by their Peace Corps ideals, individually and collectively.

    #3 | You will advance cross-cultural understanding and harmony

    NPCA is the voice of the Peace Corps community, a community that represents the best of American values -- values that are worthy of maintaining. NPCA is a community of people who value reasonable and warm cross-cultural relations, and our work to foster harmony cross-culturally overseas and at home is significantly important.

    #4 | You will help amplify the Peace Corps community’s global social impact

    NPCA builds the capabilities, capital, and community to increase our collective global social impact. Gifts to NPCA help support members like Camillia Freeland-Taylor. While a PCV in Zambia, Camillia helped her Peace Corps village build a classroom, funded by NPCA through Peace Corps Partnership Program. As an RPCV, she returned to Zambia with a grant from NPCA’s Community Fund to add on a teachers’ quarters. Now, the NPCA/Water Charity partnership is working with her to drill a bore-hole well at the school so children have access to water.

    Support NPCA this giving Tuesday because we are stronger together, and together we are building a more peaceful and prosperous world!




     November 20, 2018