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NPCA Emergency Response Network

What We Bring to the Table

National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) represents a community of more than 250,000 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), among them are more than 7,300 Volunteers who were recently evacuated from their posts and brought home because of the pandemic.

A team of NPCA contact tracers has already been deployed in Washington State with the Seattle and King County Department of Health. These tracers are conducting interviews with individuals who were potentially exposed to COVID-19, offering them referrals to services such as testing and community support resources.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have:

  • Unique technical, language, and cross-cultural skills and a proven desire to serve.
  • Experience working with underserved communities and overcoming challenges in order to get the job done—some specifically as public health and community development Volunteers.
  • Proven ability to work with minimal resources and supervision to accomplish tasks in intercultural environments.
  • Leadership skills to assist with volunteer and community mobilization efforts
  • Undergone a National Agency Background Check during their application process.

Where & When They Can Serve

Flexible Work Arrangements
Depending on needs and available resources, RPCVs can work remotely or locally in paid positions—or in some cases as volunteers.

Volunteers Across the Country
They are located across the country and can organize localized responses with their fellow RPCVs.

Our Approach

  1. We partner with organizations closest to the problem
  2. Then we match skills with greatest needs
  3. We target communities of risk
  4. Create State & Local Partnerships

Become a Partner

For further information about partnership, contact Dan Baker, Director of Global Reentry, at (202) 934-1534 or [email protected].

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