Managing Director

Managing Director

  • This job is expired.

  • No Means No Worldwide is an internationally acclaimed training academy for sexual violence prevention and recovery for women and children. Our goal is to end sexual violence against women and children around the world. We train local young men and women from high risk communities to deliver IMpower, our dual-gender sexual violence intervention system that teaches girls to set boundaries, stand up and defend themselves and boys to challenge rape culture, ask for consent and intervene in attack.

    Stanford University researchers have found that IMpower drops rape rates by 50%, which has led to endorsements from the World Health Organization, the CDC, UNICEF and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. NMNW is excited to be taking steps to scale the program on a global level.

  • United States, East Africa
  • 14 Apr 2018
  • 01 Jun 2018
  • 14 May 2018

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