Executive Director

Executive Director

  • This job is expired.

  • About Us: The Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) implements sustainable programs that: provide immigrants in need with the means to improve their lives and become more integrated into the community; improve communication and cooperation among all groups serving immigrants; and build community recognition of our strength in diversity. We envision a community that provides acceptance and opportunity for all immigrants. Incorporated in March 2011, the organization runs 

    • The Centreville Labor Resource Center, a place where day laborers can connect with employers, learn English and develop work skills. 

    • The Commission on Labor Justice, which helps workers who arrange jobs independently of the Labor Center but who are not paid as promised. 

    • Grupo Cultural, a cultural group that helps preserve the Mayan culture of the majority of CIF members and provides opportunities for leadership development. 

    • Grassroots organizing to provide low-income immigrants the opportunity to communicate their needs to local government and advocacy to protect immigrant rights at the local and state levels.

    • Accompaniment to provide rides and support for legal and medical appointments and to register children for school.

  • Centreville, VA
  • 26 Feb 2020
  • 26 May 2020