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NPCA Town Hall: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

16 Jul 2020
8:00pm - 9:30pm EDT

Addressing systemic racism in the Volunteer experience — recruitment, service in the field, and back home in our communities. How has the Peace Corps community handled racial injustice concerns? How do we as a community better embody equity and justice in what we do? How can we build a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming Peace Corps community?



Glenn Blumhorst | President & CEO, National Peace Corps Association
A Volunteer in Guatemala 1988–91, Glenn led the transformation of NPCA from a dues-based alumni association to a community-driven social impact organization.

Corey Griffin | CEO of Global Government and Industry Partners, LLC (2GIP)
Corey has served as Associate Director of the Peace Corps and held management roles with more than a decade’s experience with Microsoft. He is CEO of Global Government and Industry Partners (2GIP), focusing on government affairs, strategic advising, and management consulting. He also serves on the NPCA Board of Directors.

Melita Fogle | Federal Investigator for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
An accomplished civil rights professional with a background in higher education teaching, teacher training, and instructional design, Melita is currently a federal investigator at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She served as a Volunteer in Ethiopia 2015–17 and as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Comoros 2017–18.

Aris Hines | Global Scholar Facilitator at AMP Global Youth
As a teaching artist, explorer, and activist, Aris has been doing community cultural development work, focusing on youth and children, since 2015. He has served in AmeriCorps and was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines from 2019 until he was evacuated in 2020.


Recommended Readings

Now is a time of reckoning for our nation and the Peace Corps community — here at home and around the world. 

  • We Stand Together for Change. We stand against racial injustice and affirm our commitment to empathy, compassion, and justice. NPCA has created this hub for information, news, and resources.

  • Our commitment to empathy and justice — around the world, and here at homeA statement from NPCA President & CEO Glenn Blumhorst. In a time of global pandemic, we’re faced once more with a brutal truth articulated years ago by Sargent Shriver, who founded the Peace Corps: “We must also treat the disease of racism itself.”

  • Systemic racism is real. Here’s what we’re doing about it at National Peace Corps Association. Ideas and actions — and the principles that guide us. A roadmap for the future at National Peace Corps Association.

  • Coming to terms with Peace Corps history. On August 2, 1963, Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver sent this letter responding to Black Volunteers in Ethiopia. Shriver was responding to concerns these Volunteers had raised about discrimination against both Black staff and Volunteers. What’s evident here: the dynamics of white prejudices being reinforced during training as well as service. Now is the time to face systemic problems of racial injustice that have shaped the Peace Corps community — in ways subtle and overt — for far too long.


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16 Jul 2020
8:00pm - 9:30pm EDT

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