Book Club-The President’s Butler (Northern California Peace Corps Association)

13 Mar 2018
7:00pm - 8:30pm PDT

Join us for dinner at Aria Grill/Oakland and discussion of The President’s Butler, by Laurence Leamer. Please RSVP to Jayma at by the Sunday before if you plan to attend so she can know who and how many to expect.
Discussion Questions:

  • The author was one of the first PCVs in Nepal. He’s a keen observer of both politics and social class in America and has written books and plays on those subjects, including the Reagans and Kennedys. He lives in Washington DC and Palm Beach, Florida. He knows both Trump and his butler and is currently working on a non-fiction book about Donald Trump in Palm Beach called Emperor of the Gilded Paradise. But he claims this satire of the “improbable rise of a New York businessman to the White House” is a work of fiction. It was written during the primary campaign and published before the election. What aspects of this fictional story reveal truths about America, populism and Trump?
  • The author was inspired to write the book when he saw Trump on the buffet line of his golf course at West Palm Beach. Unlike everyone else, who went for the shrimp, lobster & steak, Trump methodically squeezed an inch-thick circle of ketchup onto a dry, over-cooked hamburger. Trump’s eating habits gave insight into his character – he does what he wants, regardless. What examples in the novel give you insight into Trump’s character?
  • The author decided to tell the story through the eyes of the butler, Billy Baxter, Billy represents the social class Trump targeted with his populist message. How does the butler’s perspective affect your opinion of Vincent V. Victor? Of social class in America?

13 Mar 2018
7:00pm - 8:30pm PDT

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