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Sargent Shriver Leaders Circle 2020 Members

We are grateful to our Sargent Shriver Leaders Circle members who made gifts and gift pledges at the Shriver Circle level between January 1 and December 31, 2020. The Sargent Shriver Leaders Circle is a core group of mission partners who provide vital leadership to NPCA and who donate at the $1,000 level and beyond. The true value of Shriver Circle members goes beyond what they give materially; they exemplify the leadership that the Peace Corps community needs to reach its full potential.


Shriver Circle Individual Contributions


Founder’s Level ($250,000+)

Sherwood Guernsey
Reed Hastings
Maureen Orth


Founder’s Level ($100,000 to $249,999)

Cully and Bridget Davis

Founder’s Level ($25,000 to $99,999)

Janet and Wylie Greig
Elena Russell

Platinum Level ($10,000 to $24,999)

Susan Corcoran Hayes
Nicholas Craw
William Draper
Franklin and Susan Innes
Karen J. Keefer
Steven Koch
Ken and Lucy Lehman
Tom and Patsy Lightbown
Murty Polavarapu
David Stein
Averill Strasser and Beverly Rouse
Jack and Betty Schafer
F. Chapman and Grace Taylor
Robert and Judith Terry, Jr.
Jack and Angene Wilson


Gold Level ($5,000 to $9,999)

Hilary Bates
Tony Barclay
Glenn and Cathy Blumhorst
Charlie and Cricket Clifford
Helene Dudley 
Timothy and Michelle Dudley
John and Analia Earhart
Jonathan (Jeb) Eddy
Priscilla Goldfarb
Jan Guifarro
Charles Larson
Sam Lawson and Laurel Mayer
Gwen and Wilson Mason
Ambassador Mary Pendleton
Paul Porter 
Sue Ward
Mal Warwick

Silver Level ($2,500 to $4,999)

Alice Alexander and Fred Mosher
J. Henry (Hank) and Emma Ambrose
Anne Baker
Nick and Bay Bancroft
Andrew and KT Barous 
Keith and Carol Beck
Ron Boring
Mary Broude
Kevin and Kay Dixon
Charles Donahue
Newell Flather
Linda and Don Goetzinger
Judy Greenspon
Suzanne Hanses
Deborah Harding
Juliane Heyman
Andrea Johnson
Barbara Kelly
Nancy Kelly 
Gloria Levin
David and Bernadette Miron
Vivian Morgan-Mendez
Michael and Ann Moore 
Russell and Helen Morgan
Real and Barbara Provencher
Steve Radelet and Carrie Hessler-Radelet
Gordon Radley
Eleanor and William Revelle
Jeraldine Rush
Paul Sack
Daniel Schiele
Chris Siegler
Paul Slawson
Maricarmen Smith-Martinez
Rosemary Straley
Cecelia Stratford
Mary Ternoey
Dwight and Consuelo Walker
Patricia Wand
Sally Wells
Anna Whitcomb


Leadership Couples ($1,750 to $2,499)

Edward (Jack) and Jane Bardon
John (Johnny) Alexander and Jane Divinski
Charles and Diane Frankel
Evelyn and Marty Ganzglass
Will and Fran Irwin
Dennis Lucey and Pam Lucey
Anthony Marzolla and Rose Wills
Faith and David Van Gilder


Leadership Level ($1,000 to $2,499)

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Samuel Abbey
Jerry Adams 
Randy Adams  
William Adams
Tony Agnello 
Jack Allison
Bruce Anderson 
Peter Arquin
Tad Baldwin 
Charles Baker 
Kathy Baker
Margaret Bangham
Angela Baranske Tuttle 
Carol Bellamy
Anne Bluemel
Richard Botzler
William Brandon 
Susan Cavalieri
Dr. Antonio Clementino
Ellen Cohen
Patrick Concannon
Virginia Coon
Neil Cox
Gwenyth Crabtree
Chic Dambach 
William Davis
Billie Ann Day 
Peter Deekle 
Allison Diamant 
John Fulton Dixon 
David Dupras
David K. Fields
 Patrick Fine
Carol Freeman 
Daniel Galt
Jack Garamendi
Anthony Gasbarro
Judy Gates
Arlene Goldberg 
Bonnie Gottlieb 
Corey Griffin
Christopher Haragan 
Kathleen Harnig 
Ruben Hernandez 
Kenneth Hill 
Nicholas Hoesl 
Mary Hudson Kelley 
Jeffrey Janis 
Elizabeth Jenkins-Joffe 
Betty Johnson 
Pete Johnson
Hope Johnson-Englander 
Gerald Jones
Sarah Jordan 
Carolyn Kari
Elizabeth Karplus
Diana Koala
Chip Levengood
Roger Lewis
John Lowry 
Stanley Maleski
Susan Malick
Rosalind Malloy 
David Marsden
Meredith Martin 
Stephen McBay 
Raymond and Judith McGuire 
Jed Meline
Justin Mnatsakanyan-Barbalace 
Nancy Morrin
George Muncrief
Susan Neyer
Douglas Noble
Robert Nolan
Dr. Bill Novelli
George O’Brian 
Eileen O'Donnell
Vincent O’Hern 
Phillip Olsen
Kristina Owens
Mary Parris 
Mary L. Payne 
Jonathan Pearson
Collier Perry 
William Piatt
Darwin Popenoe 
Kelly Pursley 
Richard Pyle 
Philip Quinnett
Vincent Radke
Curtis Rahman 
William Reese
Tim Resch 
William "Stacy" Rhodes
Marcel Ricou
Lex Rieffel 
David Roberson
Denny Robertson 
William Romenius 
Donald K. Ross 
John Rude
Elizabeth Salett
Nancy L. Sanchez-Spears 
Laurie Sanderson-Walcott 
Mary Santa Maria 
George Scharffenberger 
Mariko Schmitz 
Joseph Schoder 
Steven Sheridan 
Christine Snyder 
Thibault Stracke 
Ken Syring
James Tarbell 
Joby Taylor
Ellen Taylor-Powell
Christina Tedder
Stephen Thayer 
Sanna Thomas 
Larry Tremonti 
Gretchen Upholt 
Jeri Vanden Top 
Bill Vanderburg
John Vander Vort
Kit Van Meter 
Ambassador Gaddi Vasquez 
Terry Vogt
Rita Warpeha
Lucy Weiger 
Curt Walters
Scott Watenpaugh
Eric and Molly Westphal
Albert Whitaker 
Ambassador Pamela White 
Frank Yates 
Margot Zimmerman 
Dr. Mark Zober and Dr. Marilyn Farber


Affiliate Group Contributions ($1,000 to $2,500) 

Heart of Texas Peace Corps Association 
Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Peace Corps Iran Association
RPCVs of Northeastern New York
RPCVs of North Florida


Foundation, Corporate, and Institutional Contributions 


Founders Level ($100,000 and above)

Open Society Policy Center 

Silver Level ($5,000 to $9,999)

RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison


Legacy of Peace Society

We are grateful for planned gifts that enable NPCA to serve our community in perpetuity.


Anne Baker
Dan Baker
Margaret (Peggy) Bangham
Tony  Barclay
Glenn Blumhorst
Peter Brooker
Susan Corcoran Hayes
Charles F. “Chic” Dambach
Helene Dudley
Kristen Grauer-Gray
Janet Greig
Wylie Greig
Peter & Katy Hansen
Juliane M. Heyman
Fran and Will Irwin
Kenny Karem
Karen Keefer
Andrea E. Kruse
Valerie Kurka
Helen Lowman
Timothy M. Resch
Margaret Riley
Margaret Rose (Peggy) Seufert
Maricarmen Smith-Martinez
Patricia A. Wand