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Peace Corps Connect Conference 2021

Peace Corps Connect 2021: 60th Anniversary Global Conference



Virtual Conference — with possible in-person events in Washington, D.C.

This year we mark six decades since the founding of the Peace Corps — culminating in an anniversary conference in September 2021. That comes 60 years after President John F. Kennedy signed into law the Peace Corps Act, legislation permanently creating and funding the agency, in September 1961.

This is a pivotal moment for the Peace Corps community. This year we mark six decades of service by Volunteers in communities around the world. But this is also an unprecedented time for the Peace Corps. In March 2020, all Volunteers were evacuated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a community-driven effort, National Peace Corps Association is working to help transform Peace Corps: to reimagine, reshape, and retool the agency for a changed world. So while we celebrate this historic milestone, we also focus on the work that must be done in the present to make a better and stronger Peace Corps for the future.

We began 60th anniversary celebrations in fall 2020, commemorating the anniversary of JFK’s campaign speech at University of Michigan that sparked national interest in the Peace Corps. And in March 2021 events took place across the country and around the world to mark Peace Corps Week—and the anniversary of the executive order that established the agency. Here’s what’s in store for September.

Community. Service. Impact.

We still hope that we’ll be able to come together in person for our annual conference in Washington, D.C. But while the pandemic continues, in-person events can’t yet be confirmed. What is for certain: a robust digital program of events on September 23–25, with additional pre-conference meetings and reunions.

Our Peace Corps Connect to the Future Global Ideas Summit in 2020 underscored an important benefit to virtual platforms: We can bring together a broad array of members of the Peace Corps community. It’s essential to us that Peace Corps Connect 2021 is a global gathering, including members from communities where Volunteers have served. We want to ensure that we have an international perspective on service and its impact — and the needs for a changed world. And we will be leveraging the virtual platform to ensure as broad participation as possible.



September 18–22 


Saturday, September 18
Affiliate Group Network Annual Meeting

Monday, September 20 and Tuesday, September 21
Virtual Reunions and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Service Project Presentations


Wednesday, September 22
Peace Corps Act Day: Advocacy Day and Evening Reception




Thursday, September 23 to Saturday, September 25 

Virtual Conference + possible events in Washington, D.C.

We will be looking back at impact over the decades — and to the future of what Peace Corps needs to be. That will include addressing themes important to the community: 


Racial justice and how we can foster equity, diversity, and inclusion

Climate change and its impact

Refugees and forced migration 

Continuing service by Evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers — and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers more broadly


Watch this page for updates and registration information.

Last updated May 21, 2021