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Health Justice Awareness Day

For far too long, too many members of the Peace Corps community have faced significant health challenges stemming from their service. As a community, we have the ability and strength to support individuals during their healing journey.

Thursday, June 22rd, 2017 will mark the National Peace Corps Association’s third annual Health Justice Awareness Day, designed to bring more attention to these issues, and to take action. Building upon meetings, conversations and activities over the past year, this year’s Awareness Day will focus on four actions to respond.  

  1. Take Action with Congress
  2. Fundraising for NPCA’s Benevolent Fund
  3. Webinar: Building a National RPCV Peer Support Network
  4. Community Exposure Via Social Media

Take Action with Congress

In the U.S. Congress, legislation aimed at improving health and safety for currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers and addressing health care needs of RPCVs with injuries and illnesses stemming from their service has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Email your representatives urging them to co-sponsor this legislation. If you wish to participate in a June 22nd Capitol Hill advocacy day to advance this legislation, please register here by June 18th.

Goal: At least 50 House co-sponsors, introduction of companion language in the Senate by end of year.

Fundraising for NPCA’s Benevolent Fund

Challenges of Peace Corps service related to illnesses, injuries, or other issues can affect  Volunteers’ lives long after they return home, and there are members of our community who have fallen upon hard times and could use some help. We urge you to help us build an NPCA Benevolent Fund, which will provide modest financial support to Peace Corps community members in need, as resources allow.

Goal: Finalize application and selection criteria and raise at least $25,000 to formally launch the NPCA Benevolent Fund this fall.

Webinar: Building a National RPCV Peer Support Network

With over 160 NPCA affiliate groups all around the country, we invite group leaders to participate in an hour-long webinar on June 21st at 8 PM Eastern time to discuss the establishment of a national health support network, featuring key stakeholders.

Goal: Develop and launch national RPCV Peer Support Network to better support community members with health issues or other hardships.

Community Exposure via Social Media

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to share our information, messaging and images related to health justice and other matters. Share our posts and tweets with those you know, mentioning that we have the ability to support fellow RPCVs that face challenges and hardships upon returning home. Join our Thunderclap on June 21 and follow our live tweeting on Capitol Hill June 22, 11 am to 6 pm.  Use and search for the hashtag #PeaceCorpsHealth.

Goal: Double the reach of our social media posts related to improved Peace Corps community health care.