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Letters to the President and presidential candidates

With the 2020 presidential race quickly approaching, NPCA has decided to reach out to both President Trump and all of presidential candidates in order to emphasize the importance of Peace Corps and request their robust support for the program. We have drafted two letters that groups can download and share with their boards and members to discuss this opportunity to sign-on as an affiliate group. NPCA will then send these letters to President Trump and each presidential candidate as part of an information packet about Peace Corps and national service opportunities. Given the recent budgetary and political uncertainties that the Peace Corps has faced, we hope that the Peace Corps community will join together with a unified voice of support.

All NPCA affiliate groups are strongly encouraged to sign on to both letters. When you are ready with a representative to sign the letters on behalf of the group, use the links below.  Please remember that only one board member from each group should sign the letter on behalf of the group as a whole.


Sign the letter to presidential candidates here.

Sign the letter to President Trump here.


The hard deadline for sign-on is Sunday, October 13, 2019.


Want a vibrant Affiliate Group Network? Tell us how.

Thank you for a productive Affiliate Group Network Annual Meeting (AGNAM) in Austin! We learned about some new resources and opportunities and had a chance to network with other group leadership. Preliminary minutes are forthcoming. Stay tuned.

As a network of affiliated groups (this includes you!!) we'd like to include everyone's input on what it takes to be an affiliate group. Ideas include regular meetings, responding to requests and regularly updating members on activities. If a group is rebuilding or needs to pause activities for a little bit, we'd love to know that too, especially if NPCA staff can support them. Please take a moment to review and comment on the draft affiliation documents, and let us know what affiliation means to you. NPCA staff and the Affiliate Group Network Advisory Committee (AGNAC) will update the documents and reach out to groups that need help or want to take a break. With your input and improvements to our communications info, we can all build a vibrant and supportive community network. 

Deadline extended: Please email your Affiliate Group Network Coordinator Mariko Schmitz at by August 16. We will compile feedback and circulate another draft by the end of August.

Mark your calendars for a virtual town hall to discuss the affiliation documents on Thursday, September 5 at 8 pm Eastern. For details about the event and to RSVP, click here.


New Groups Launch Online!

Congratulations to the latest groups to launch on NPCA's Community Builder Platform:

RPCVs of Long Island use the knowledge and skills learned as Peace Corps Volunteers to help Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries. They meet locally for social activities and volunteer work and provide speakers to schools and community groups, as well as encourage support for current Peace Corps volunteers in their efforts to promote world peace and friendship. Their support also extends to organizations Pedals for Progress and Sewing for Peace, in which they help collect bicycles and sewing machines to send to developing countries.

Impact Corps is up and running with their new website! Be sure to check it out to learn more about our newest affiliate group. At its core, Impact Corps envisions a world overflowing with prosperity and peace. To create that world, this group leverages social enterprise expertise in the Peace Corps community to multiply its collective impact. At full capacity, Impact Corps will drive a change-making movement. They also offer consulting to affiliate groups that want to improve and expand their impact and encourage you to get in touch if your group would like some help.


Nominations Open for Our 40 Under Forty Initiative!

The NPCA is excited to announce our 40 Under 40 initiative to highlight the accomplishments of some of our currently serving and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs). As you know, our RPCVs are often leaders in their community who deserve to be recognized for their contributions, not only to their local community, but to the Peace Corps community at large.

We would like to invite each affiliate group to share this information with their communities and encourage members to nominate deserving individuals. Affiliate groups as a whole are welcome to nominate people as well!

In order to be eligible for the nomination, nominees must: 1) Be under the age of 40 by June 1, 2019 ; 2) Have made a positive contribution to their community, professional field, country, or humanitarian cause; and 3) Be a Returned or currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer, or substantially contributed to the Peace Corps Community.

We would like to thank you in advance of any nominations, and we look forward to hearing about the wonderful contributions from members in each of your communities.

The deadline for all nominations is August 16, 2019. Learn more.


Special Request from Peace Corps Community for Refugees

Greetings, NPCA Affiliate Groups,

We also are among the 230,000 returned Peace Corps volunteers who have experience all over the world. We have all lived in other cultures and know some of the challenges faced by many people and countries.

Looming larger and larger every year is the volume of people who leave their homes as refugees—many who seek refuge in their own country, and an increasing number who become international refugees. A small group of RPCV’s created PeaceCorpsCommunity4Refugees a few years ago, and the challenges we face are continually increasing.

We are working to assist and aid refugees and impact our national policies on refugees and immigration. We are looking for people in ALL states who can be contacted when important refugee and immigration-related issues arise in our Congress or in local and state governments.

We are also eager to learn of local or state-wide issues about immigrants and refugees that local RPCV’s might address or impact through our involvement. We ask that you and others in your group add your names to our informational resources by (1) adding free membership in Peace Corps Community for Refugees to your NPCA membership profiles, or (2) sending me a list of names and addresses to be added automatically.

Most appreciatively,

Richard MacIntyre, Advocacy Coordinator
Peace Corps Community for Refugees
RPCV, Korea



Is your Group Re-affiliated for 2019?

The deadline has passed but we are still accepting any and all re-affiliation reports! Hurry up and get your information submitted so we don't have to track you down!

  1. Decide on ONE group officer to submit re-affiliation for your group
  2. Submit your annual report highlighting your activities and achievements for the past year and include a financial report
  3. Fill out the annual reaffiliation form

Re-affiliation Deadline:  ASAP!!

Need some guidance?

Questions? Contact us at

Micro-Loans for your Peace Corps Communities

TCP Global is looking to partner with RPCVs and affiliate groups to share their successful and sustainable micro-loan model to expand the program into your country.

How It Works

Using the TCP Global model, loans are administered through organizations already working at the grassroots level in health, education, empowerment, etc. RPCVs with connections to small communities identify effective organizations and, assisted by TCP Global, help them establish small, zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan programs to serve communities in perpetuity. By increasing the income of their clients, TCP Global partners find they are able to better achieve their primary mission goals. In addition to providing the entrepreneurs an alternative to exorbitant interest rates charged by daily lenders, TCP Global also strengthens the grassroots partner by providing them a steady revenue stream of interest earnings, which they can use to fund community projects.

What You Can Expect

TCP Global is ready to offer micro-loans to RPCVs and "Friends of" groups. It is prepared to share their tools and resources, and to mentor, at no cost, any friends-of-group interested in establishing micro-loan programs for their country. TCP also does the fundraising through the NPCA Community Fund.

Interested? Contact Helene Dudley

Note for groups in the Americas: Thanks to funding from an anonymous donor and a tentative agreement with the Whole Planet Foundation, TCP Global has matching funds for a pilot program. Contact Helene for more information.

Learn More

Here are your Divisional Board Directors!

Please reach out to the director in your division and add them to your email distribution list. In fact, you may already have them on your list, as we transfer the permanent emails as directors change. Add (which goes to NPCA staff working with groups) and (which goes to the Affiliate Group Network Coordinator, Mariko Schmitz), then the director for your division:

Meet the full Board of Directors.

Update Your Group Profile

NPCA's online Affiliate Group Directory is a great way for potential new members to find and learn more about your group! Visit it here, find your group, and if needed, make updates. Watch the video below to learn how. 


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April 17: Establish a Micro-loan Program through TCP Global

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