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Plan your group meeting or reunion for Peace Corps Connect in Seattle


Make your plans now! The next Peace Corps Connect national conference is in Seattle, WA from July 16 to 18, 2020. It's a perfect opportunity to have an affiliate group meeting, strategic planning session or reunion. Interested? Let us know and we'll help you with arrangements.

What is the global issue you care about most?

Is it climate change, extreme poverty, responsible U.S. global leadership, or something else?    

RPCVs will have an opportunity to answer the question in a new survey that NPCA will be distributing in January. As you well know, many in our community are already doing important work on a variety of global issues. We would like to see that work - and our members' influence on these issues - grow if possible. We believe the results of the survey will assist affiliate groups - that means you! - in mobilizing support around key global issues and identifying the actions that RPCVs are most willing to take to address them.

Watch for the survey launch next month. Please share it with your members and encourage them to respond.

Do you know a Peace Corps Kid? 

Julie Early Sifuentes, founder of the affiliate group Peace Corps Kids is looking for people and families to participate in a book project. Julie, whose father served in Peru in the 1960s and whose mother is Peruvian, started the affiliate group Peace Corps Kids one year ago.  The group is building community among multicultural people and families who have come together through the Peace Corps experience. The group has grown really fast with members who have family roots in 21 countries so far. 

The book will be a compilation of essays, interviews and photos that reflect the experiences of multicultural people and families that were born through the Peace Corps experience. You can see some examples of these stories at and on Instagram @peacecorpskids. 

Please pass this information along to people and families who might be interested and encourage them to participate. You can contact Julie at if you have any questions or are interested in being part of the project. 

Friends of Jordan Launches Online

Congratulations! Friends of Jordan is the latest NPCA affiliate group to launch their website on the NPCA's Community Builder platform. Visit their website to learn more about the group, welcome them and join! 

Learn more about how to get your group on the platform here.

Limited time offer: Free 2016 Peace Corps Community Directory

We have just a few copies left of the 2016 Peace Corps Community Directory that we are offering to affiliate groups for free. The front half of this book is filled with inspiring stories and photos contributed by RPCVs. The back half lets you know how to contact them. (Note: the data is from 2016, so some may have moved.) Bring this to your group events and help your members reconnect with their Peace Corps friends. Contact us to get your copy.

Micro-Loans for your Peace Corps Communities

TCP Global is looking to partner with RPCVs and affiliate groups to share their successful and sustainable micro-loan model to expand the program into your country.

How It Works

Using the TCP Global model, loans are administered through organizations already working at the grassroots level in health, education, empowerment, etc. RPCVs with connections to small communities identify effective organizations and, assisted by TCP Global, help them establish small, zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan programs to serve communities in perpetuity. By increasing the income of their clients, TCP Global partners find they are able to better achieve their primary mission goals. In addition to providing the entrepreneurs an alternative to exorbitant interest rates charged by daily lenders, TCP Global also strengthens the grassroots partner by providing them a steady revenue stream of interest earnings, which they can use to fund community projects.

What You Can Expect

TCP Global is ready to offer micro-loans to RPCVs and "Friends of" groups. It is prepared to share their tools and resources, and to mentor, at no cost, any friends-of-group interested in establishing micro-loan programs for their country. TCP also does the fundraising through the NPCA Community Fund.

Interested? Contact Helene Dudley

Note for groups in the Americas: Thanks to funding from an anonymous donor and a tentative agreement with the Whole Planet Foundation, TCP Global has matching funds for a pilot program. Contact Helene for more information.

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Here are your Divisional Board Directors!

Please reach out to the director in your division and add them to your email distribution list. In fact, you may already have them on your list, as we transfer the permanent emails as directors change. Add (which goes to NPCA staff working with groups) and (which goes to the Affiliate Group Network Coordinator, to be elected in spring 2020), then the director for your division:

Meet the full Board of Directors.

Update Your Group Profile

NPCA's online Affiliate Group Directory is a great way for potential new members to find and learn more about your group! Visit it here, find your group, and if needed, make updates. Watch the video below to learn how. 


Recent Webinars

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October 9: RPCVs Take Action for the Environment

October 30: Communities in Greece Need Your Help

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NPCA Staff Calendar

  • December 14: SEAPAX Annual Holiday Party (Seattle, WA) - Glenn Blumhorst
  • December 15: A Towering Task Screening (Portland, OR) - Glenn Blumhorst


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