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Annual Group Reaffiliation

Each year, we check in with each affiliate group to see how you're doing and learn how we can better support you. Whether you've had a banner year or you could use a little extra support, we need to hear from you. It's a great time to write an annual report. And don't just share it with us; share it with your members, too! Need some tips on writing one? Visit the Communications tab of our Affiliate Group Resource Library or download our toolkit

To reaffiliate, all you need is one of these:

  • Activities and financial reports (if you handle money), or just one annual report — OR —
  • Links to reports posted to your NPCA website Affiliate Group Directory page and/or posted online

Fill out a short form with that info, respond to a few quick questions and your group is done for 2021! Deadline: May 31, 2021.

Questions? Challenges? Problems? Drop us an email at

Note: Did your group first affiliate in 2020? If so, we'd still love to hear from you, but you are not required to reaffiliate this year.

Play a Leadership Role in the Peace Corps Community

Diversity matters. Intentionality matters. National Peace Corps Association welcomes nominations for our Board of Directors at a critical time. We need to ensure a vibrant, diverse, and united Peace Corps community for a changed world. Individuals with strong leadership skills and experience helping nonprofit organizations execute strategy and on-the-ground work are especially welcome. Help foster a more diverse and engaged board and membership. Bring experience in fundraising and finance, as well as resources, partnerships, and expertise — from a focus on membership to human resources to nonprofit law. Submit your expression of interest to begin the first step of the process. Official board nominations are due by June 9, 2021 with elections to follow from mid-June to mid-July 2021. 

The following divisions have member-elected positions up for election in 2021. Affiliate groups and individual members in these divisions may nominate candidates for those seats:

  • Europe, North and East Africa
  • Northeast (U.S.)
  • MidAtlantic & Nationwide (U.S.)

Learn more.

NPCA Board Meet the Candidates Town Hall - June 24 at 8 pm Eastern

Each year, NPCA members vote to fill divisional director positions on the NPCA Board of Directors. Up for a vote this year are the following divisions:

  • Northeast
  • MidAtlantic & Nationwide
  • Europe/North & East Africa

With elections taking place this year from June 16 to July 16, you have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of the candidates in this virtual town hall before casting your votes. 

Learn more and register.

Let your voice be heard at 2021 Peace Corps Connect: Mobilizing for a Lifetime of Service and Impact 

The NPCA Conference Program Planning Committee is seeking affiliate and individual member participation in this year’s conference program. Please consider responding to this call on behalf of your affiliate and urge your members to indicate their interest in different solicitations by sharing the announcements below. 

  • Who can speak to the impact of the Peace Corps better than our Peace Corps counterparts? We are gathering 5-minute videos made by RPCVs and their counterparts that highlight the work of volunteers and their counterparts and the impact of these partnerships. If you’re interested in submitting a short video to be shown at the conference, please express your interest here.
  • Are you an Evacuated Peace Corps Volunteer who would like to share your service story? If so, we would love for you to consider speaking on a moderated panel with other evacuated volunteers, where we will discuss your evacuation, how it’s affected you and how you are continuing your service involvement. Click here to express your interest.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) will be one of the four themes of the conference through a session entitled, “From Peace Corps to Black Lives Matter: Striving for Allyship at Home and Abroad." As part of this important topic, conference attendees will have an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of racism, unconscious bias, and allyship, both during and after their Peace Corps service. We are seeking a diverse group of volunteers to act as small group facilitators during the session. These facilitators will receive training from a DEI professional prior to the conference and also meet with conference organizers and other facilitators in a prep meeting. The total time required to act as a DEI break-out facilitator will be 4-5 hours. Click here to express your interest in serving as a facilitator during this session.
  • During the conference (and beyond!), we'll be highlighting affiliate group service projects and the stories of their impact on individuals and communities worldwide. Have a service project to highlight? Contact your Affiliate Group Network Coordinator, Hannah Wishart.

Promote Discussion about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Peace Corps Community and Elsewhere

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Oral History Project are pleased to share with you the Many Faces of Peace Corps: 60th Anniversary  video* to use as a prompt for promoting discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the Peace Corps community and elsewhere. The recently released video features personal stories and reflections of eight Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who identify as members of U.S populations under-represented in the Peace Corps. The stories, gleaned from oral history interviews, shed light on challenges faced by volunteers of color, low-income, and LGBTQIA+ volunteers serving throughout the world. Volunteers candidly discuss improvements needed in Peace Corps operations going forward while emphasizing numerous benefits of cross-cultural relationships among individuals and communities at home and abroad.

We encourage NPCA affiliate groups and other members of the Peace Corps community to consider showing the 19-minute video to promote discussion of DEI-related issues faced by PCVs worldwide and strategies for creating a more inclusive Peace Corps. Recommendations for addressing these and other challenges confronting Peace Corps are included in Peace Corps Connect to the Future: A Community Report on How to Reimagine, Reshape, and Retool the Peace Corps for a Changed World.

Potential discussion questions: 

  • What did you learn from the video about diversity, equity and inclusion in the Peace Corps?
  • Describe the feelings evoked by these stories.
  • What issues do the RPCVs in the video raise related to: 
    • The recruitment of Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) and other under-represented volunteers and staff?
    • Training of all volunteers?
    • Volunteer pre-service, in-service, and post-service supports and benefits?
    • Training of Peace Corps staff, in the U.S. and host countries?
  • What suggestions for change do the RPCVs in the video make?
  • What recommendations are included in the Peace Corps Connect to the Future report?
  • What can we as individuals and/or our affiliate group do to address these issues?

Please let us know how you are using this video and the outcomes of your discussions. This information will be shared via various websites, including on the Resources page of Museum of the Peace Corps Experience website. 


Share your story

The RPCV Oral History Project invites all returned and evacuated PCVs and Peace Corps staff to share their unique Peace Corps experiences. To date, close to 1000 Oral Histories spanning 60 years of service have been collected and archived at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum [add link] and, since August 2020, in the University of Kentucky Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History [add link]. Anyone  interested in being interviewed for the collection may complete this form on the Peace Corps Oral History website. The team will schedule a virtual oral history interview with one of our experienced RPCV interviewers.


*Many Faces of Peace Corps is an initiative of the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. The video – Many Faces of Peace Corps; 60th Anniversary - was released March 1, 2021 and produced by the RPCV Oral History Project in partnership with the Museum for the exhibition Peace Corps at 60: Inside the Volunteer Experience.





Monthly Training for NPCA's Community Builder Platform

Is your group using NPCA's Community Building Platform (SilkStart)? Then join us for our Monthly Training the second Friday of each month! You can find agendas, notes and recordings of the first trainings here as well as the agenda for future training sessions and links to important resources! RSVP here for the next training on June 11th.

Welcome to the Newest Affiliate Group: Global Allies Program: Partners Ending Poverty with RESULTS

RPCVs are passionate about the countries of service and their work as volunteers; however, it is often challenging to find meaningful ways for RPCVs to continue to impact the issues they committed themselves to as volunteers.

Advocating on country- and community-owned approaches to global health, education, and other development issues affecting their country of service, members of Global Allies Program: Partners Ending Poverty with RESULTS (or GAP Advocates) will bring long-term commitment to Peace Corps ideals. This effort would also support the second and third goals of the Peace Corps and create a connection with people from other countries here in the United States.

Meet them and learn more.


NEW! Zoom Meeting and Webinar Options and Closed Captioning

One of the benefits of affiliation with NPCA is the use of the videoconferencing platform Zoom at no cost to you. That platform is now upgraded to host both meetings and webinars. What's the difference? Basically, if you want to engage your members in collaboration and interaction (including break-out rooms), you probably want a meeting. If you want to make a presentation (which could include Q&A), you probably want a webinar. Click here to see the benefits of both and find which one suits your event's needs the best.

All meetings now support 300 participants and all webinars support 500 attendees.

Make your online meetings more inclusive and accessible to all of your members. Closed captioning is now activated on all NPCA Zoom accounts. Included with the meeting is a free version (which has its limitations and is not perfect), but you can also assign one of your attendees to type in the captions or pay for a third-party live captioning service. Learn more about closed captioning.

Learn more and request your next meeting time.

Weekly Affiliate Group Leaders Lunch - Every Friday at 12:00 PM EST

Our weekly Affiliate Group Leaders Lunches have sparked fun and helpful conversations on topics ranging from how to get creative on Zoom to considerations for writing/updating bylaws. Each week, the conversation revolves around your questions and sharing of best practices, so please drop in! Through at least the end of June, we are meeting at 12:00 PM Eastern, NPCA staff members are standing by on Zoom to listen and to facilitate conversation. Register on our website to get the Zoom link. Feel free to bring your lunch!


Host a Virtual Screening of A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps

As Peace Corps celebrates its 60th anniversary, it faces an unprecedented crisis. Volunteers were evacuated worldwide due to the pandemic. There have been proposed budget cuts, threats to its independence, and the departure of dozens of bipartisan agency defenders in Congress. While capturing the history of both the agency itself as well as individual volunteer experiences, the documentary A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps sets the stage for a conversation about the future of the Peace Corps in this current context.

Working closely with the film’s director, RPCV Alana DeJoseph, NPCA developed a toolkit specifically for affiliate groups on hosting a virtual screening. We can also help cover some licensing fees and link you to panelists for post-film discussions. Share your screening plans and needs.

Connect us to NPCA Ambassadors around the Globe

National Peace Corps Association is searching for returned Peace Corps volunteers and former staff who are interested in becoming NPCA Ambassadors. Applicants must be presently residing in countries where Peace Corps programs are operating (or offices are still open in preparation for the return of Volunteers) and in some past program countries on occasion. NPCA Ambassadors will represent the interests of  NPCA and will promote NPCA programs to host-country institutions, USAID, the Peace Corps, current and prospective partners, and the Peace Corps community living and working in host countries. Ambassadors will be appointed through a process that incorporates input from NPCA staff as well as corresponding country-of-service affiliate groups (eg. Friends of Guatemala). The NPCA Ambassadorship is a voluntary service with two-year, renewable terms. 

Roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Serving as the NPCA’s in-country liaison to host country officials, Peace Corps leadership, USAID staff, the expatriate Peace Corps community, and current and/or prospective partners. 
  2. Attending Peace Corps pre- and in-service training events, Volunteer swearing-in ceremonies, and Close of Service conferences to raise awareness of NPCA and affiliate groups. 
  3. Monitoring and evaluating RPCV-led projects funded by NPCA’s Community Fund grants program and affiliate group grants programs. 
  4. Promoting awareness of NPCA’s annual Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award and assisting in identifying candidates for nomination. 
  5. Identifying and nominating candidates for NPCA’s annual Sargent Shriver Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Service.
  6. Providing local coordination as a point of contact for NPCA programs and prospective new business opportunities. 
  7. Coordinating with NPCA’s Serving Volunteer Advisory Council representatives. 

We are seeking NPCA members in good standing who are passionate about the Peace Corps, capable of embodying Peace Corps principles, and prepared to commit to a two-year in-country service. Please fill out the NPCA Ambassador Interest Indicator if you are interested. Thank you! 

Peace Corps Community Connect

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Peace Corps Community Connect. The goal of this important new initiative goes to the heart of our mission to build a diverse and welcoming Peace Corps community. We’re doing this with an eye on the future and the work that’s in front of us. Why? The Peace Corps community and the agency are at a point of inflection. With all Volunteers brought home amid the global pandemic, we need to connectinform, and engage our community like never before.


Here’s what we’re doing.

  • Launching a community outreach initiative to connect and engage the Peace Corps community.
  • Mobilizing the entire Peace Corps community, including the 250,000 RPCVs, families, former staff, and host country staff for greater social impact.
  • Connecting the diverse Peace Corps network in order to amplify all of our voices and show how the Peace Corps experience has shaped our lives and communities — here and around the world.


Let’s talk CommUNITY. Here’s how it will help affiliate groups.

Peace Corps Community Connect will strengthen individual affiliate groups and ensure that more members of our community benefit from the resources of NPCA — from webinars and newsletters to WorldView magazine and our global reach.  

  • Establish new connections, find old friends, and expand opportunities for members.
  • Strengthen your outreach efforts, broaden support for group projects, and tackle issues crucial to the community.
  • Welcome and support the thousands of evacuated PCVs who returned home in 2020 — many of whom will benefit by being better connected to the community. 
  • As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Peace Corps, document the Peace Corps legacy in the voices of your group — so we can show communities across the country and around the world how your service has made a difference.

Most important of all, together we will create a more vibrant and energized community.


Together we are stronger.

Outreach Specialists will assist affiliate groups with information, tools, and support to help you find and connect your community. And by combining our communities, together we are stronger.


Yes, our group is interested


Peace Corps Connect to the Future: A Community Report on How to Reimagine, Reshape, and Retool the Peace Corps for a Changed World

In the Spring of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Peace Corps evacuated all of its roughly 7,300 Volunteers from service around the globe. For the first time in the nearly 60-year history of the agency, no Peace Corps Volunteers are currently serving overseas. On a scale never seen before, the global evacuation of Volunteers brought to the fore some longstanding challenges for the agency and the broader Peace Corps community. All this called for an unparalleled response.

This past summer, National Peace Corps Association convened a series of national community discussions and a global ideas summit to ask some far-reaching questions about the future of Peace Corps in a changed world. Thank you for joining in the discussions and providing your input. Those conversations were crucial to shaping the report.

This report provides specific and actionable recommendations for multiple stakeholders: policymakers in the Peace Corps agency and the federal Executive Branch’s leadership; the United States Congress; and the Peace Corps community, particularly NPCA.

Read the full report and listen to our podcast about the report.

Two More Affiliate Groups Launch on NPCA's Community Builder Platform

Portland Peace Corps Association works to support current volunteers and serves communities in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington in the shared values the organization was founded on back in 1963. Formerly known as the Columbia River Valley Peace Corps Association, they are a diverse group of natives, transplants, old, young, all bound by having served our country as volunteers, and working together to continue promoting the Peace Corps. Visit their website at

Kansas City Area Peace Corps Association is a social and service organization for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and prospective Peace Corps Volunteers who live in the Greater Kansas City Area. Its mission is to provide volunteer service to the community and to promote the Peace Corps and international awareness in the Kansas City Area. Learn more about them at

Amplify Your Events

NPCA has a full calendar of events each month, including many that would be of interest to your group members. We hope that you will consider sharing your events with us as well! Posting our events on your calendar and yours on the NPCA calendar will exponentially increase our reach.

  • To post to NPCA's website: For groups on the Community Builder platform, simply opt to share the event with NPCA. For other groups, fill in the form under "Submit Updates/Requests" in the upper right column of this page.
  • To share events from NPCA's event calendar with your membership: simply copy the text and links from our calendar.

Thank you!

Divisional Board Directors

Reach out to the director in your division and add them to your email distribution list. In fact, you may already have them on your list, as we transfer the permanent emails as directors change. Add (which goes to NPCA staff working with groups) and (which goes to Hannah Wishart, Affiliate Group Network Coordinator), then the director for your division:

Nikole Allen (Northeast U.S.)

Rogelio Quintanar (Southern Tier U.S.)

Kim Herman (West U.S.)

Mary Owen-Thomas (Upper Midwest U.S.)

Evelyn Ganzglass (MidAtlantic and Nationwide U.S.)

vacant (Europe, North & East Africa)

Faith Van Gilder (West, Central and Southern Africa)

Katie Long (The Americas)

Jed Meline (Asia and the Pacific)

See the Full List of Board Directors


Update Your Group Profile

NPCA's online Affiliate Group Directory is a great way for potential new members to find and learn more about your group! Visit it here, find your group, and if needed, make updates. Watch the video below to learn how. 


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