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Support NPCA in our Year-end Campaign

Please consider a gift to NPCA this giving season. In doing so, you help us, help our community connect, share best practices, and amplify our collective social impact. There is no better way to spread Peace Corps ideals than through a gift to NPCA!

What your gifts make possible

Our community-driven approach enables 182 NPCA affiliate groups to better champion their members to act on Peace Corps values across the country. This vast network is a tremendous force for good. Whether helping resettle refugees, cleaning up park trails, speaking in schools, or advocating for public policy, our community represents the best of America.

How you made it happen

NPCA builds the capacity of affiliate groups to do what they do best - champion causes at the grassroots level. We provide affiliate groups with the support and services they need to thrive - access to a modern community builder membership platform, group leadership forums and webinars, and small grants that serve to heighten community engagement.

Why your support is vital

In an increasingly divided America, now is the time to act on our Peace Corps values. NPCA must expand support to our community members and new affiliate groups to better enable them to champion the Third Goal. That means hiring dedicated staff to work with affiliate groups, holding more training webinars and events, and dispersing more capacity-building grants.

Give today and help NPCA advance our collective mission! 

(Please consider a gift from your affiliate group as well as sharing the above message with your members. Thank you!)

NPCA Virtual Town Halls

We invite all groups to attend one or more of our Virtual Town Halls, a great opportunity to network with other groups. Share tips and challenges related to managing a your affiliate group, followed by plenty of time for Q&A. NPCA staff and board members will be on hand to update you on resources that are available for you and respond to your questions. All Town Halls begin at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Register for your Town Hall using the appropriate link below, then  share your activities and challenges to help us best prepare and respond. Questions? Contact  Mariko Schmitz, your Affiliate Group Network Coordinator.

Tuesday, December 4: Cause-related and Affinity Groups
Wednesday, December 5:  Geographic Groups
Thursday, December 6: Country of Service Groups

Welcome, RPCVs in Libraries, Museums and Archives!

Congratulations and welcome to RPCVs in Libraries, Museums and Archives as our newest addition to the NPCA affiliate group family! 

The group has been organized as the ISLD - International Sustainable Library Development Interest Group within the American Library Association (ALA) since 1999. Their primary constituency is RPCVs who have established and/or worked in libraries, museums or archives in developing areas of the world. They are interested in supporting community-based projects and connecting with like-minded individuals and affiliate groups to assist with the development of sustainable libraries in developing areas of the world.

Learn more.

World Connect Grant Applications due December 2

From our friends at World Connect:

It is with great excitement that we invite RPCVs to apply for grants and project support from World Connect!

World Connect believes development must come from local ideas, action, and leadership. The more authentic development efforts are, the more effective and sustainable they are. There was approximately $150B in global development aid disbursed in 2016, with less than 1% going directly to local leaders. Now more than ever, we must speak up, advocate for and champion initiatives developed by local leaders and communities themselves.

World Connect is currently inviting applications from RPCVs for projects both internationally in former host communities/countries and domestically in the United States. 

For international projects, see the Grant Application Guidelines here. RPCVs should select "Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)" at the World Connect partnership screening page and then create an account in our system. Applications should be completed in conversation and partnership with former host community/country partners, with RPCVs listed as the Established Field Partner. 

For domestic projects, please email for a copy of the grant application materials and guidance. Find examples of World Connect domestic grants projects at on our website at: (

The grant application deadline for both international and domestic projects is Sunday, December 2.

Our shared progress and future require partnerships, global focus, the sustained commitment of local leadership, and effective advocates and champions. World Connect is enthusiastic about this call to action, and we hope you will join us.

Nominations Open for 2019 Awards


We had an outstanding group of award winners for 2018. Please help us identify our 2019 honorees! Nomination forms are now available on the NPCA website for the following annual awards:

  • The Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award honors an outstanding global leader who grew up and continues to live in a country where Peace Corps Volunteers served and whose life was influenced by the Peace Corps. (Nomination deadline: December 21, 2018)
  • The Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service honors Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who continue to make a sustained and distinguished contribution to humanitarian causes at home or abroad or are innovative social entrepreneurs who will bring about significant long-term change. (Nomination deadline: February 28, 2019)
  • The Loret Miller Ruppe Award for Outstanding Community Service honors outstanding affiliate groups for projects that promote the Third Goal of Peace Corps or continue to serve host countries, build group spirit and cooperation, and promote service. (Nomination deadline: March 29, 2019)

Read about the awards and the past winners and download nomination materials from our  Awards page.

Welcome your new Divisional Board Directors!

Congratulations to the newest members of the NPCA Board of Directors, elected to represent the following constituencies:

  • Nikole Allen - Northeast U.S.
  • Edward van Luinen - MidAtlantic and Nationwide U.S.
  • Elizabeth Genter-Barrett - Europe, North and East Africa
  • Mariko Schmitz - Affiliate Group Network Coordinator

Meet the full Board of Directors.

Please extend a welcome to the director in your division and add them to your email distribution list. In fact, you may already have them on your list, as we transfer the permanent emails as directors change. Add (which goes to NPCA staff working with groups) and (which goes to the Affiliate Group Network Coordinator), then the director for your division:


Community Builder Platform

Another Group Launches!

Congratulations to our newest addition to NPCA's Community Builder platform:

In the spirit of the Peace Corps experience, the Greater Birmingham RPCVs promote a continuing commitment to the community, local and global. Their goals are:

  • To develop a social and community action network;
  • To remind ourselves and educate others about why we served;
  • To provide support for potential, current, and recently returned Peace  Corps Volunteers;
  • To promote public awareness and support for the Peace Corps.

Specifically, they work in many ways to  “bring the Peace Corps experience back home” and keep it alive.

“… Ask what you can do…” It’s still a big question.

Get on Board with NPCA's Community Builder Platform

NPCA's Community Builder platform is here and ready for NPCA affiliate groups to get on board!

The platform - hosted by SilkStart - is an all-inclusive system for member management; website creation, hosting, and administration; communications and marketing; calendar and event organization; fundraising campaigns; and payments and invoicing. Learn more (and view video testimonials from groups already on the platform) on our Community Builder webpage.

Groups attending the Affiliate Group Network Annual Meeting (AGNAM) in Denver will get a comprehensive introduction to the website/database platform and how it benefits groups. Not able to attend? Check out these two items:

  1. Watch this short video for an overview of the tools and features of this new platform.
  2. Complete and submit this short survey to assess your interest in and expectations of adapting the platform for your group.

Ready to transition your group to SilkStart? Have questions about transitioning to SilkStart? Email


Update your group profile in NPCA's online directory

NPCA's online Affiliate Group Directory is a great way for potential new members to find and learn more about your group! Visit it here, find your group, and if needed, make updates. Watch the video below to learn how. 



Helping Your Group Thrive

Multiple Membership Options for Groups

You've been asking. Now it's here! Each group can set up multiple options for your members to join your group. Maybe you want a free membership with options to be a supporter, sustainer or leader with donations of certain amounts. You now can.

Want to add in more options? Fill out our form. Then allow two business days for us to make the update. As always, early each month, we'll add up all of the membership amounts received over the previous month and deposit them into your group bank account. Questions? Email us at

Host your next meeting on Zoom

NPCA is pleased to offer all affiliate groups the use of our Zoom account to host your group board meetings, strategic planning sessions and webinars.

Zoom allows for online meetings, including video, screen sharing, and chat and is the platform NPCA currently uses for its webinars, as well as committee and board meetings. Your participants can join by computer, smart phone or even a landline phone (audio only, in that case). By using the NPCA account, you can extend your meeting beyond the 45 minute limit that comes with the free version.

Meetings will be confirmed within two business days by staff, who will send along the details on how to access the meeting for you to forward to participants. Meetings are on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your understanding if we cannot honor all requests, or if we suggest an alternate time. Please place your request as soon as you know your meeting time, ideally at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Find the 250K

We understand supporting communities requires collaboration. Find the 250K is a community-driven initiative to help country affiliate groups build the infrastructure and capacity of their organization to locate all of their RPCVs. Not only are we able to send you a comprehensive list of RPCVs from your country (along with any contact data that we have for those wiling to have it shared), but we are also offering support for database management and membership outreach through our all-in-one web resource, SilkStart.

Visit our Find the 250K webpage for the webinar recording on the “Tips of Trade” project launch, Find the 250K Toolkit and more.

Ready to sign up? Contact us at

Permanent Group Emails

More and more groups are switching to "permanent" emails for their board members, e.g., Great! We encourage groups to consider that option, which facilitates communication between you, your members, NPCA and beyond. No more updates to make as your officers change.

If you have such permanent emails, we suggest that you use them to set up "permanent" accounts for those positions in the NPCA database. Go to our home page, click on "join now" in the upper right corner and fill in the required fields, including those permanent emails. Then contact us and we'll make sure they are linked to your group listing in the Affiliate Group directory. As your officers change, you just need to log into those records and update the names and they will automatically update on our website. Easy!

Membership Lists and Dues Deposits

On a monthly basis, NPCA compiles all of the affiliate group memberships that came through the NPCA community builder platform over the previous month, deposits payments directly into group bank accounts and sends membership lists to groups with new/renewed members in the previous month. On a quarterly basis, NPCA will send all other groups a full list of members as recorded in our database. We email those reports directly to the group leaders as designated with your group directory listing. Individual memberships in affiliate groups via NPCA continue to rise, so check your email for your group-specific membership list and your bank account for your deposit.

Membership Renewals

Our database platform is automated to send out membership renewal reminders both 30 days and 10 days before each individual's renewal date, with a final reminder on the date the renewal is due. Remind your members to activate their profile, check their membership status and renew! We'll be sending some overdue reminders, but your members might appreciate a reminder from you, too!

Help us Showcase our Community

What have you accomplished lately? Do you have a member of your group you'd like to highlight? We love to publish news of recent outstanding achievements of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and others in the greater Peace Corps community in our quarterly WorldView magazine. Email text with your years and country of service to the NPCA’s Community News Editor, Peter Deekle, at Please include your telephone number and add a photograph, if you wish.

Catch up with our Updated Resources and Recorded Webinars

In case you missed any of our webinars, don't fret. Visit our list of webinars with links to recordings and presentation materials. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Get Strategic - Part I and Part II: How to Develop a Strategic Plan that Empowers your Group
  • Insurance 101: Do we need it? What do we need? Why?
  • Tips of the Trade: Building your database - finding those RPCVs
  • Supporting Women and Girls Around the World
  • Engaging your Group in Support of Refugees
  • Amazing Technology Resources for your Group
  • Legal Considerations 101: Non-profit Status and Tax Filing

Most recent additions:  Engaging your Group with Refugees: Case Studies and International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Upcoming Webinars

December 4: NPCA Virtual Town Hall: Cause-related and Affinity Groups

December 5: NPCA Virtual Town Hall: Geographic Groups

December 6: NPCA Virtual Town Hall: Country of Service Groups


NPCA hosts one or two webinars each month at varying days/times. Have a topic to suggest? Want to lead a webinar? Contact NPCA.


Get on board with our #GivingTuesday challenge!

NPCA Staff Calendar

December 8: North Carolina PCA Annual Potluck - Glenn Blumhorst


We love meeting you all at group events. Do you have one coming up that you'd like one of us to attend? Drop us a quick invitation!

Be sure to add your group events to the community calendar!

Groups that are forming

North and/or South Dakota - contact Tammie Harris at


Need some help forming a group or recruiting members? Contact us!

Groups recruiting new leadership

Friends of Benin - contact Jake Strickler at


Do you need some assistance getting your group up and running? Contact us!

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Affiliate Group inquiries: Anne Baker at

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