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2021 NPCA Board Elections

Introducing the 2021 Member-elected Directors to the NPCA Board

Thank you to our NPCA members who voted in the 2021 Board Elections. The results are in! We are pleased to present to you the directors elected to represent the following divisions on the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) Board of Directors for the 2021–2024 term:

NPCA directors serve three-year terms and are expected to participate in quarterly board meetings (two in-person and two teleconferences), serve on a board committee, and support NPCA financially within their personal capability. In general, the most successful board members are those who have been engaged with NPCA in multiple ways (e.g., advocacy, affiliate group board service) over a period of time.

Serving on the NPCA Board of Directors requires a serious commitment of time, expertise, and financial resources. The NPCA Board is a working board and individual directors are expected to be actively involved in one or more committees. Directors participate in and encourage initiatives that support and benefit NPCA.

Those elected this year as member-elected directors will begin their Board service September 26, 2021 following Peace Corps Connect. 

Europe, North and East Africa Division Director


Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Hungary, Kenya, Kosovo, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Poland, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Slovak Republic, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine


Nikole Allen 

Term: 2021–2024

Residence: New Haven, CT
Nominated by: Ethiopia & Eritrea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (EERPCV)
Current member of: EERPCV; Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Peace Corps Service: Ethiopia 2009–13
Employment: Senior Program Director, Yale Institute for Global Health
Other employment: n/a

Experience on organization boards: National Peace Corps Association Board Director 2018 to present; Consortium of Universities for Global Health Board Operations Committee 2018 to present 

Personal Statement: During my board service for the next three years, I intend to continue serving on the Governance Committee strengthening the board in general, providing and improving training of board members and increasing the diversity and inclusion on the board to support a vibrant RPCV community. I hope to learn more about the country of service affiliate groups and the types of support/engagement that would benefit these groups by individual board members and through NPCA more broadly. I hope to stay engaged with the groups remotely at least on a quarterly basis. This will be particularly exciting as we see the return of Volunteers to service in the next year and the opening of the Peace Corps Place.


Northeast U.S. Division Director


Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware


Eileen Love O’Donnell

Term: 2021–2024

Residence: Branford, CT
Nominated by: Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Current member of: Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Peace Corps Service: Yemen 1995-1995
Employment: O'Donnell Company 
Other employment: n/a

Experience on organization boards: I have served on boards supporting education, the arts, housing, economic vitality, and health, including Arts Council, CBIA, St Thomas's, and New Reach.

Personal Statement: The Peace Corps experience is life changing. A commitment to friendship—open minds and hearts—is more important than ever. We are more connected than ever. Anytime, anyplace, we may meet a culture, belief, or idea, vastly different from our own. The challenges we face are complex, and we will all need to work together to solve them. I am passionate about understanding different mindsets, and deeply want to be part of efforts to make our world better. I believe that by supporting and strengthening our NPCA, we can further share the deep knowledge and values that returned volunteers offer. Peace Corps is more than an international experience. It is a set of values that the world needs.


Mid-Atlantic & Nationwide Division Director


Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Nationwide groups (including all workplace, affinity and cause-related groups)


Evelyn Ganzglass

Term: 2021–2024

Residence: Washington, DC
Nominated by: RPCV Oral History Archives Project (OHAP)
Current member of: OHAP; RPCVs of Washington, DC; Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for Environmental Action (RPCV4EA)
Peace Corps Service: Somalia 1966–68
Employment: Self-employed consultant

Other employment: Center for Law and Social Policy, Director of the Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success (10 years); Educational Development Center, Director, Global Workforce in Transition project (3 years); National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices, Director of Employment and Social Services Policy Studies (21 years); U.S. Department of Labor

Experience on organization boards: NPCA Board 2019 to present

Personal Statement: I am deeply committed to working with NPCA affiliates and individual members to help increase their global social impact. Since 2019, I’ve had the honor of serving on the NPCA Board as the Member-Elected Representative for Mid-Atlantic and National Affiliates, including federal Workplace Affinity Groups. In this capacity, I am chairing the newly constituted Programs Committee. I also: led the workgroup that finalized the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Framework; worked with RPCVs for Environmental Action in developing and implementing the Social Action Campaign on Climate Change; and served on the Advocacy and Fundraising committees. I am also co-lead on the program planning committee for the 60th Peace Corps Connect Conference and coordinator of the RPCV Oral History Archives Project.