2018 AGN Coordinator Elections

2018 Elections for NPCA Affiliate Group Network Coordinator


Congratulations to Mariko Schmitz, who was elected by NPCA affiliate groups as the new Affiliate Group Network (AGN) Coordinator on the NPCA Board of Directors.

The AGN Coordinator serves a two-year terms and is expected to participate in quarterly board meetings (two in person and two teleconferences) and support NPCA financially within their personal capability. In addition, according to the NPCA bylaws, the AGN Coordinator will:

  1. Preside at the AGN Annual Meeting;
  2. Preside at any other meetings of the Affiliate Group Network;
  3. Appoint the members of the AGN Advisory Committee;
  4. Chair the AGN Advisory Committee;
  5. Facilitate communication between the AGN and the Board;
  6. Serve as a Director of the Board as the AGN Board Representative; and
  7. Serve on the Executive Committee of the Board.

Mariko will join the NPCA Board of Directors at the Annual Board Meeting on August 26 in Shawnee, PA.

Affiliate Group Network Coordinator

Mariko Schmitz

Mariko Schmitz


Residence: Arlington, VA

Nominated by:  Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC

Current member of:  Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC; Northern Virginia Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Peace Corps Service: Vanuatu 2002-2004

Employment: Consultant, Prospective Group

Other employment: Peace Corps, JICA, MCC

Experience on organization boards: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC (three years)

Personal Statement: I have worked in the Peace Corps community since the 50th anniversary, as RPCV/W Director and President, consultant with NPCA, and as HQ staff liaison to RPCV Groups and NPCA. 

Through these roles, I've noted programmatic overlap and gaps between our three organizations. There are opportunities to simplify competing programs and build programs in overlooked areas that can yield real Third Goal impact.

As AFG Coordinator I will help groups access resources that build and amplify the impact of their programs, find opportunities to engage and involve recent RPCVs, and find partnership opportunities with Peace Corps-aligned organizations that can strengthen our awareness of and involvement in pressing issues in PC countries.