White House Proposes Drastic Cuts to International Affairs

Just hours ago, President Trump’s budget proposal requested drastic cuts of 29 percent to the International Affairs budget, which includes the Peace Corps. While funding for the Peace Corps is not specifically referenced, it could face disproportionate cuts when the full budget is released later this spring.

The top-line cuts to International Affairs will have potentially serious impact on the Peace Corps, including greatly reduced Volunteer numbers, the inability to open new country programs or expand in others, and diminished cross-agency partnerships with PEPFAR and USAID.

I know that the Peace Corps community will not let this happen.

In anticipation of this announcement, National Peace Corps Association launched the #ProtectPeaceCorps campaign to ensure the future of the Peace Corps. By mobilizing our grassroots and grasstops communities to advocate to Congress for the Peace Corps, our goal is to hold the line for no less than current funding levels of $410 million for the Peace Corps and $60 billion for International Affairs.

We will achieve this through an unprecedented mobilization of the Peace Corps community.

Right now, take your  first step in the campaign by urging Congress to provide adequate funding for the Peace Corps and International Affairs.


Your continued activism will be crucial, so join the #ProtectPeaceCorps movement. JOIN NOW

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Together, we will ensure that thousands more Americans and host country communities have the same opportunity that we did to partner in peace, progress and understanding.


In service,