36 Senators Sign Peace Corps Funding Letter!

Led by Senators Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the annual Peace Corps funding Dear Colleague letter secured the signatures of 36 Senators!

When coupled with the 180 signatures on a similar letter in the House of Representatives, the combined 216 members of Congress who signed Peace Corps funding letters in 2018 represents a new record high!

As noted in the Senate letter, which requests robust funding for the Peace Corps in the upcoming 2019 fiscal year, "The Peace Corps' return on investment is profound. Host country nationals served by a volunteer are better equipped to meet challenges in the long run, helping to achieve healthier, more stable communities and prevent conflict. The Peace Corps is often one of the most transformative experiences in a volunteer's life, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers continue their call to service by becoming leaders in their communities."  

Read the final Senate letter here!

Our thanks to the thousands of Peace Corps supporters, who reached out to their members of Congress in support of these critical funding letters. We would not be successful without your support!


Say Thank You!

Thirty-six Senators (below) signed the Peace Corps funding letter and should be thanked!

California: Feinstein (co-author), Harris

Colorado: Bennet

Connecticut: Blumenthal, Murphy

Delaware: Carper, Coons

Florida: Nelson

Georgia: Isakson (co-author)

Hawaii: Hirono, Schatz

Illinois: Duckworth

Maine: Collins, King

Maryland: Cardin, Van Hollen

Massachusetts: Markey, Warren

Michigan: Peters, Stabenow

Minnesota: Klobuchar, Smith

New Hampshire: Hassan, Shaheen

New Jersey: Menendez

New Mexico: Heinrich

Ohio: Brown

Oregon: Merkley, Wyden

Rhode Island: Reed, Whitehouse

Vermont: Sanders

Virginia: Kaine

Washington: Cantwell

West Virginia: Manchin

Wisconsin: Baldwin