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Research Study Opportunity

Research Study Opportunity

African American Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are invited to participate in a research study titled Volunteerism: The Exploration of Cultural Value Orientations of African American College Students during the Peace Corps Marketing Process.  The purpose of this study will be to explore the Peace Corps’ African American volunteer shortage. The study will seek to uncover cultural value barriers existing in the Peace Corps that affect African American volunteerism.  It will also explore cultural values communicated between the Peace Corps and African Americans through Peace Corps marketing mediums. The findings of this study will be significant in addressing the shortage of African American volunteers in the Peace Corps and in the development of best practices to attract African American college student volunteers.  To be considered as participants the individuals must meet the following participant profile:

  1. African American
  2. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  3. A National Peace Corps Association member
  4. Communicate in English
  5. Have you been exposed to Peace Corps marketing mediums (web, tv, radio, events)

Participation in this study is voluntary and private.  The participant has the right to terminate their involvement at any time during the research process.  Participants will be asked to share personal lived experiences during a 90-minute interview.  The interviews will be held online using WebEx video conferencing.  Interviews will also be audio-video recorded. The researcher will conduct online interviews at a time that is convenient for the participant.  The participant will be granted no monetary compensation for their time and contributions once they complete the study.  If you fit the participant profile listed above and interested in the study, please contact William W. Marrow Jr. at (804) 310-9015 or email at



 January 10, 2017