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Preparing for a District Office Meeting

Preparing for a District Office Meeting

Dozens of NPCA advocacy “veterans” are organizing activities in conjunction with the 13th annual National Days of Action in Support of the Peace Corps. As exciting as that is, it is equally exciting that many new advocates are similarly stepping forward to help mobilize activities in their local communities. This includes Kathryn “Kate” Gavaghan (Botswana 1986 – 1987) of Wake Forest, North Carolina, our featured advocate for the month of February.

“I think it is more important than ever that RPCVs talk with their representatives,” says Kate. “(Peace Corps) Volunteers’ daily interactions with citizens in developing countries present the best of our culture and values. We are a quiet but powerful antidote to much of the distrust and anxiety people feel in the world today. It’s vitally important that our representatives understand that.”

With this in mind, Kate has scheduled a meeting with the district director of her congressman, Representative George Holding. She says it was easy to schedule a district office meeting. “Representatives and their staff have a well-established process in place for meeting with constituents. They make time for this and value the effort we make to connect with them.”

As with all the 30 district office meetings currently being organized during the Days of Action, NPCA will provide organizers with key background materials and talking points. As she prepares for her March 7th meeting, Kate will be bringing an uplifting message to her member of Congress. “All of us as RPCVs know what a positive impact Peace Corps makes, both at home and abroad. Meeting with my representative is just one way I can keep him aware of Peace Corps issues, it’s ongoing relevance, and its great cost/benefit ratio.”


 February 15, 2017