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Letter to President - NPCA Affiliate Group Sign-On

Sunday marked the official beginning of the 2018 federal fiscal year. 

While Congress is still negotiating final spending levels for the FY 2018 budget (including deciding whether or not to provide level funding for the Peace Corps), the Trump administration is now beginning to plan how much funding it will recommend for Peace Corps in Fiscal Year 2019.

Because of this, the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is preparing its annual affiliate group sign-on letter to the president, which says in part, "we write to you to speak to the immense domestic dividend of the Peace Corps and to urge your investment in America’s communities by increasing the Peace Corps’ fiscal year 2019 budget."


If you belong to an NPCA affiliate group, check out the list below to see if your group is among those currently signed onto the letter. If not, contact your group leaders and remind them that they have until Friday, Oct 13th, to make sure your group is included on this important letter.


NPCA Affiliate Groups Currently Signed onto Peace Corps Funding Letter (67):

Geographic Groups

  • RPCVs of Phoenix (AZ)
  • Northern California Peace Corps Association (CA)
  • Sacramento Valley RPCVs (CA)
  • San Diego Peace Corps Association (CA)
  • Ventura County Peace Corps Association (CA)
  • Connecticut RPCVs (CT)
  • RPCVs of Washington DC (DC)
  • RPCVs of Delaware (DE)
  • First Coast RPCVs (FL)
  • RPCVs of North Florida (FL)
  • Idaho RPCVs (ID)
  • Chicago Area Peace Corps Association (IL)
  • Iowa Peace Corps Association (IA)
  • Indy Peace Corps Community (IN)
  • Kansas RPCVs (KS)
  • Kentucky RPCVs (KY)
  • Maine Peace Corps Association (ME)
  • RPCVs of Northern Michigan (MI)
  • Peace Corps Association of Southwest Michigan (MI)
  • Kansas City Area Peace Corps Association (MO/KS)
  • St. Louis Peace Corps Association (MO)
  • Nebraska Area RPCVs (NE)
  • RPCVs of New Jersey (NJ)
  • Northeast New York RPCVs (NY)
  • Returned Volunteers of Buffalo (NY)
  • RPCVs of New York City (NY)
  • Rochester RPCVs (NY)
  • Athens Area Association of RPCVs (OH)
  • Northern Ohio RPCVs (OH)
  • Southwest Ohio RPCVs (OH)
  • Tennessee RPCVs (TN)
  • Northern Virginia RPCVs (VA)
  • Seattle Area Peace Corps Association (WA)
  • West Virginia RPCVs (WV)
  • Milwaukee Peace Corps Association (WI)
  • RPCVs of Wisconsin - Madison (WI)

Country of Service Groups

  • Friends of Afghanistan
  • RPCV Friends of Azerbaijan
  • Full Basket Belize
  • Amigos de Bolivia y Peru
  • Friends of Costa Rica
  • Friends of Fiji
  • Friends of The Gambia
  • Friends of Ghana
  • Friends of India
  • Friends of Kenya
  • Friends of Lesotho
  • Friends of Malaysia
  • Friends of Micronesia
  • Friends of Morocco
  • Friends of Mozambique
  • Friends of Nepal
  • Friends of Niger
  • Friends of Nigeria
  • Friends of Pakistan USA
  • Friends of Sierra Leone
  • Friends of Thailand
  • Friends of Togo
  • Friends of Turkmenistan
  • Megobari Foundation

Other Groups

  • Alliance for Intercultural Understanding
  • Museum of the Peace Corps Experience
  • Peace Corps House
  • RPCVs for Environmental Action
  • Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program
  • Women of Peace Corps Legacy