Advancing Education on World Youth Skill Day

Advancing Education on World Youth Skill Day

The intersection of education and development for youth is one that is near and dear to the Peace Corps community. These are two of the six sectors Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) work in, and they are fields that employ the most PCVs after service. So in honor of World Youth Skill Day, we invite you to consider the educational solutions to the challenge of youth employment presented by Peace Corps community experts at Peace Corps Connect.


World Youth Skill Day


According to the UN, young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than older adults, have lower quality jobs, and be affected more by labor market fluctuations. Women and girls are even more likely to be un- or under-employed, underpaid, and work under part-time, temporary contracts.

As you may well know, education is one of the most effective means of elevating the employment status of youth. Education has long been emphasized in human development, and it is featured prominently in the  UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Regarding education for employment in particular, Target 4.4 calls for a substantial increase in the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills.


Education-focused Breakout Sessions at Peace Corps Connect


From Volunteer to Educator: A Panel Discussion

This workshop will focus on the journey of RPCVs and former Peace Corps staff who have entered the field of education after service. The presenters will highlight the partnerships forged between RPCVs and schools, as well as other institutions of learning, including international experiential education programs. Strategies for establishing and maintaining sustainable educational relationships, while furthering the mission of the Peace Corps, will be explored in-depth.


  • Alicia Butcher, Assistant Principal, Jeffco Public Schools
  • Arianne Burger, Manager of Employment Services, Jeffco Public Schools
  • Kate Hamann, Network Partner, Denver Public Schools
  • Grant VanPelt, Escuela Valdez


Partnering for Success: Friends of Liberia's Family Literacy Initiative

The session focuses on strategies, challenges and successes as Friends of Liberia (FOL) designed and implemented the Liberia Family Literacy Initiative by: (1) identifying and working with two strategic partners, and additional partners including the Ministry of Education, Peace Corps, and Liberian municipalities; (2) building local capacity; (3) monitoring and evaluating program implementation and results; (4) securing funding from major international and other donors; and, (5) influencing national education systems and policies.


  • Don Drach, Co-chair FOL education committee and FOL board member


Creating Collaborative Solutions to Global Issues: World Affairs Challenge

The World Affairs Challenge (WAC) is dedicated to developing tomorrow's global leaders. Through mentoring, education and competition, WAC ignites middle-school and high-school students' passions about world affairs. WAC engages youth to solve some of the world's most pressing problems. WAC students move from awareness to action while learning to think critically, collaborate, communicate and grow human capacity. Join us to experience our collaborative problem-solving and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of students at home and abroad.


  • Hope W. Mukai M.Ed. World Affairs Council, Program Director


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