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“The schedule is perfect; enough time for service, enough time to tour villages, enough time to soak in the Georgina hot springs, enough time to dance to marimba music, enough time with spinners and weavers, enough time to interact with each other, enough time to sleep. Good food, good company.” 


~ Pat W. (RPCV Colombia 1963-1965 and

trip participant, Guatemala, June 2013)




“The trip was terrific. The diversity (doing a different thing every day-bottle school, look at a batey, doing gardening projects) of the trip was great. The trip kept my interest. The educational aspects of the trip were fantastic…. I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants to see what the real DR is like.”

~ Sandy G. (trip participant,
Dominican Republic, May 2013)




“This has been a very rich experience.  I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.  This was more than a visit, more than just a “taste of Guatemala.”  It felt like more of an intimate encounter, especially the sharing of personal experiences.”


~ Elizabeth G. (RPCV Niger 1972-1974 and

trip participant, Guatemala, October 2012)



“The itinerary was a nice blend of working, learning, and enjoying this beautiful island. While it was beneficial to meet PCVs [Peace Corps Volunteers] and learn about their projects, it was equally important to talk to NGOs working in the area and to independent scientists and ecologists.  It gave us all a richer and broader perspective on the enormous challenges the Dominican Republic faces and some of the emerging solutions.”


~ Rob C. (trip participant,  

Dominican Republic, October 2012)



“The combination of returned Peace Corps Volunteers and volunteer leaders provides NPCA travelers with a life changing arsenal of wisdom.”


~ Courtney K. (trip participant,  

Dominican Republic, February 2013) 



“This was a great experience.  I met like-minded people of almost every decade, and learned about a developing country that is struggling to move forward as a people.  I am a more aware individual because of this experience, and I won’t soon forget it.”


~ Corrine K. (RPCV Vanuatu 2001-2003 and

trip participant, Dominican Republic, December 2012)



“What I like best about this experience is that it’s a safe way to travel that takes unfair advantage of no one.  It benefits everyone involved and the chosen adventures can be found nowhere else.  It really imparts – through knowledgeable staff – the flavors of Guatemala. Many, many thanks for an unforgettably wonderful vacation!”

~ Carolyn C. (RPCV Honduras 1965-1967 and

trip participant, Guatemala, August 2013)

NPCA’s Next Step Travel program provides respectful hyper-local immersion in developing countries:  360-degree “anti-tour” itineraries that combine unparalleled local access, cultural immersion, non-extreme adventure, and (on some trips) hands-on volunteer opportunities that open pathways for connection with local people.

The chance to get a close-up view with a Peace Corps perspective is a unique feature of Next Step Travel. In-country staff make it a point to seek out local craftspeople, small businesses and cooperatives, so that your money goes directly into the hands of those who need it most.  Each trip has a maximum of 20-25 travelers and most are all-inclusive, freeing you to fully experience every minute of your trip.

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Some monks taking in the view of Chiang Mai below






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