Community Fund

The Peace Corps community is actively engaged in making the world at better place, at home and abroad. Through the Community Fund, NPCA generates financial support for programs and initiatives that increase the vibrancy and impact of the Peace Corps community.  Become a Mission Partner by making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Fund and support the causes that matter most to you. 


Stronger Community - Enable Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to thrive back home 

Your donation to the Community Fund will provide Returned Peace Corps Volunteers access to services and opportunities in the areas of education, employment, travel, health and more. In particular, if desired, you can direct your donation to the Benevolence Fund, which provides assistance to RPCVs overcoming acute hardship, including health issues related to their Peace Corps service, and connects them to resources to help navigate a road to recovery.


Bigger, Better Peace Corps - Advocate for a Peace Corps that's the best it can be 

Your donation to NPCA's advocacy program makes it possible for our community’s advocates on Capitol Hill and around the country to expand funding for the Peace Corps and build partnerships to secure new private sector resources that will increase Peace Corps’ impact in the countries it serves. The Community Fund enables the vast pool of experience and expertise acquired by Peace Corps Volunteers in the field to play an influential role in the formulation of U.S. policy here and abroad.


Global Impact - Increase the Peace Corps community's global development impact 

With your support, the Community Fund finances grassroots projects around the world, led by current or Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and their communities. This model of small grants to Peace Corps community partners has high impact, with resources going directly where they are needed most by local communities. Your donation to the Community Fund will make it possible for both current and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to undertake projects that Peace Corps alone cannot fund. You can direct your donation to one of the following program areas, or contribute wherever it's needed most.